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I just attend a meaningful haircare event “ Get Active with Safi Shayla Hijab Haircare Expert Range ” relaunch their shamphoo range on 3rd May at District 21, IOI City Mall.


Ladies with free hair faces brittle, unhealthy locks and itchy scalp issues due to various factors. However, such problems are also faced by hijabis. Unhealthy hair is more evident after a workout session or outdoor activities as sweating can cause scalp itchiness and emanate an unpleasant smell.

However, free hair ladies and hijiabis alike should not fret! Being the world’s largest halal personal care brand, SAFI SHAYLA understands the despairs of hijabis and have formulated a new and improved range of hijab haircare – SAFI SHAYLA range. The upgraded range does not only consist of reformulated shampoo variants, but SAFI SHAYLA is now introducing 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist, Hair Serum and Hair Oil that can complete your haircare routine revealing amazing and healthy hair. 

The SAFI SHAYLA range comes with an improved shampoo formulation for healthy hair and scalp which contains 1001 benefits of Habbatus Sauda and the goodness of Micro Bamboo Charcoal. Habbatus Sauda is an ancient wonder seed known to have many benefits for users. SAFI SHAYLA incorporated this particular ingredient as it helps in relieving scalp irritation and itchiness by preventing bacterial production. Additionally, Habbatus Sauda helps in maintaining healthy hair as it prevents hair fall and keeps hair moisturised. 

Micro Bamboo Charcoal aids in detoxing scalp and hair by purifying and pulling out toxins from the scalp, ultimately reducing oiliness and giving hair a nice sheen to it. By removing oil and dirt, the Micro Bamboo Charcoal also adds hair volume and controls hair odour, which is ideal for all hijabis as odour control helps in boosting self-confidence. 

SAFI SHAYLA is relaunching its improved shampoo range with not only a new formulation that contains Habbatus Sauda and Micro Bamboo Charcoal but also with a revamped premium packaging in various sizes coupled with a long lasting scent that lasts up to 48 hours. 

SAFI SHAYLA understands hijab wearers’ woes and being an expert that you can rely on, SAFI SHAYLA wants them to feel more confident and pursue all their passions be it music or jetskiing. They can achieve this by not only using the revolutionised shampoos but also the expanded haircare range that complements the shampoo which are the 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist, Hair Serum and Hair Oil. 

The 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist is fast drying and can be sprayed directly onto the hair or hijab, without leaving any unwanted stains on the hijab. The SAFI SHAYLA 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist is ideal for the girl on-the-go as it leaves a refreshing fragrance that lasts up to 24 hours while replenishing moisture, restores shine, improves smoothness and gives hair a bouncy and lightweight feel. 

Combined with SAFI SHAYLA Shampoo, SAFI SHAYLA Hair Serum formulation will leave hair feeling soft and lightweight, boosting luster back into the hair for healthier and shinier mane. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Serum comes in 2 variants – Smooth Manageable and Black Shine.
Lastly, SAFI SHAYLA Hair Oil leaves hair soft and smooth with a healthy shine and leaving great smelling hair that lasts long.

Each of the varying products in the range are created and formulated by SAFI SHAYLA to complement each other. By using each of the products in the range, SAFI SHAYLA ensures that hijabis can achieve their dream silky healthy hair with poise. 

The SAFI SHAYLA range comes in the following sizes and price with an affordable price:
1. Shampoo – 160G (RM8.35) / 320G (RM13.65) (8 variants)
a) SAFI SHAYLA Fresh & Bounce Shampoo – Also contains Nano Lipid Enhancer that protects hair by removing oil and effectively cleans the scalp for long lasting fresh and bouncy hair.
b) SAFI SHAYLA Smooth & Manageable Shampoo – Also contains Miracle Smooth Technology that coats, straightens, softens and reduces frizzy hair hence smoothening hair while making it manageable.
c) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – Also contains Micro ZPT Complex which effectively removes 99.9% fungal that causes dandruff from the first wash.
d) SAFI SHAYLA Hair Fall Shampoo – Also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 and Wheat Protein that strengthens hair structure consequently reducing hair loss.
e) SAFI SHAYLA Black Shine Shampoo – Also contains Sheen Lock which is a luster locking agent effective in making black hair shiny, healthy, soft and easy to manage.
f) SAFI SHAYLA Itch Control Shampoo – Also contains Argan Oil and Menthol that nourishes, eliminates scalp odour and relieves itchiness while giving a cool and refreshing sensation to the scalp.
g) SAFI SHAYLA Oil Control Shampoo – Also contains Citrus and Menthol which aids in oil control by deep cleansing pores while eliminating excess oil and impurities from the scalp, providing a cooling feeling.
h) SAFI SHAYLA Damage Hair Control Shampoo – Also contains Amino Complex that helps in treating damaged hair by protecting hair cuticles, thus softening and moisturizing hair effectively. 

2. Shampoo pouch – 480G (RM14.65) (5 variants)
a) SAFI SHAYLA Hair Fall Shampoo
b) SAFI SHAYLA Fresh & Bounce Shampoo
c) SAFI SHAYLA Itch Control Shampoo
d) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
e) SAFI SHAYLA Smooth & Manageable Shampoo

3. Shampoo pump – 520G (RM19.90) (5 variants)
a) SAFI SHAYLA Hair Fall Shampoo
b) SAFI SHAYLA Fresh & Bounce Shampoo
c) SAFI SHAYLA Itch Control Shampoo
d) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
e) SAFI SHAYLA Smooth & Manageable Shampoo

4. SAFI SHAYLA 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist – 100ML (RM17.90) 
SAFI SHAYLA 2 in 1 Hair & Hijab Mist comes in 2 variants – Smooth Manageable and Black Shine. Both the mist contains Organic Habbatus Sauda, a natural based conditioner and Pro-Vit B5 that provides hair with nutrients, anti-bacterial and sun protection, moisturizes, restores shine and prevents hair damage while improving hair volume.

5. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Serum – 50ML (RM17.90)

The hair serum is formulated with:
a) Organic Habbatus Sauda Oil – provides UV light protection and nutrients to hair and contains anti-bacterial properties
b) Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – Rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that helps in hair hydration, thus softening hair and reducing hair breakage which increases hair elasticity and restores hair shine
c) Pure Olive Oil – Rejuvenates dry, dull and frizzy hair
d) Vitamin E Oil – Maintains strong healthy hair as this antioxidant neutralizes free radicals from the hair

6. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Oil – 100ML (RM11.90)
The hair oil is formulated with Organic Habbatus Sauda and Pure Olive Oil. SAFI SHAYLA Hair Oil comes in 3 variants:
a) SAFI SHAYLA Anti- Dryness – Also contains Vitamin E, A & C that improves scalp condition and provides sun protection.
b) SAFI SHAYLA Hairfall Control – Also contains argan oil that helps in improving hair shine and reducing breakage
c) SAFI SHAYLA Anti-Dandruff – Also contains anti-dandruff agent and menthol which are effective in reducing dandruff, itch and oily scalp, while leaving a cooling a refreshing sensation. For results, gently massage the hair oil onto scalp until hair ends, leave on for 3-5 minutes, rinse and lather with SAFI SHAYLA shampoo range. 

The SAFI SHAYLA haircare range complements each other which eventually boosts hair end-results for both hijabis and non-hijabis. SAFI SHAYLA is suitable for all type of girls, from drummers, to skaters, to Zumba instructors and jet skiers as the range reduces oily and itchy scalp while leaving a fragrant scent that is ideal for active hijabis.

Since 1980 the WIPRO UNZA Group has successfully built a wide portfolio of brands for the personal care and household products markets of Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, the Group manufactures and markets leading brands across 50 territories within South East Asia, Greater China and beyond. 

WIPRO UNZA has a portfolio of 24 brands. WIPRO UNZA’s leading brands include ENCHANTEUR, SAFI, EVERSOFT, DASHING, CARRIE, ROMANO and AIKEN.

Many WIPRO UNZA products enjoy positions of market leadership due to the fact that its brands are specifically designed and created with the Asian consumer in mind. 

Let’s try this quality shampoo products that will make your hair clean and smooth so you no need to worry to cover your hair with hijab and it is highly recommend to all our Muslim friends.
Also, it’s make your hair healthy and feel comfortable all day long.

These products are affordably priced and halal certified. SAFI SHAYLA is available nationwide, including major supermarkets, hypermarkets and online site. For more info on SAFI SHAYLA please log on to SAFI Facebook page, Safi Shayla, Instagram at SAFI@safimalaysia and SAFI Youtube channel at

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Monday, 19 March 2018

“ D’ Beau Facez ” 帝妃时尚医美专家

* D’ Beau Facez * 帝妃时尚医美专家












今天我刚光顾了一间新开不久的美容院叫 * D’ Beau Facez * 帝妃时尚医美专家。它位于八大灵再也的市中心,Uptown Damansara.无论是周日或周末,人流都非常密集,川流不息,交通也方便。



* D’ Beau Facez * 帝妃时尚医美专家店面不算大,但麻雀虽小,五脏俱全。


这家美容院刚在9月开张营业还算蛮新的美容院。这家美容院就坐落在 Uptown Residence 的对面的店铺上,不难找到。我上到二楼,一进门就是他们的招待处,店里装潢典雅干净。

这位美容顾问叫 Alan, 他开始帮我解释他们美容院所提供的美容护理和许多的医美服务。
之后他就看了下我的脸皮肤就说我的脸很干和缺少水分(是的我去做皮肤检查也被其他美容师说我皮肤干) 所以他介绍我做无针水光(这是用无针高压注射仪)的脸部护理。




* D’ Beau Facez * 帝妃时尚医美专家提供蛮多的脸部护理。以下脸部护理分为3大种类。

- 小气泡净肤护理
- 除螨净肤护理
- 水光保湿护理
- Vita - C 美白抗衰护理
- 干细胞抗衰精华护理


- 肉毒素去皱
- 瘦脸针
- 美白抗衰排毒点滴
- 玻璃酸填充
- 水光注射
- 溶脂针
- 童颜针
- 韩式埋线双眼皮
- 韩式埋线隆鼻
- 韩式大V埋线拉皮


- 超声刀 - 音波拉皮
- 优立朔V4瘦身疗程
- 皮秒去斑亮肤镭射
- 欧洲之星去痘印嫩肤嫩射
- 无针水光无针高压注射仪




* D’ Beau Facez * 帝妃时尚医美专家选用来之韩国的护肤品,能有效的帮你保湿和滋润你的肌肤,使您肌肤持续漂亮








欲知跟多关于* D’ Beau Facez * 帝妃时尚医美专家,可以浏览他们的 Facebook 网页