Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bio-Essence ~ 100 people V Shape Face Challenge

I think many of you have see many Bio-essence challenge with variety of new product launch in the advertisement, newspaper, magazine and also Television.
And this month Bio-essence want to promote their new advance Firm and Lifting skincare series especially the "V shape lifting cream ".

I was graceful to be invited and join this challenge since I'm the product user for this "V Shape lifting cream" for quite some year.
I'm using this cream since my study time in college just I wish it could reduce baby fat on my face and given me a slim, firm V shape face ... 

Now they have launch the new V shape lifting cream by combine some advance ingredients to the new products, so they organize this V shape Challenge to the consumer/product user to prove and witness the great/visible result on the spot to the public through this challenge.
*The Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream is now enhanced with Royal Jelly, apart from its existing ATP ingredient.*

There have two days challenge workshop that held at different places.

1st Challenge workshop
Date: 8th Mar 2014
Time: 3 - 5pm
Venue: Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang (center court)

2nd Challenge workshop
Date: 9th Mar 2014
Time: 2 - 4pm
Venue: Aeon Metro Prima Kepong, (Centre Court)
Dress code: white colour top

The host choose some fans go up the stage to answer the question and win some free gift.

The Bio-Essence facial expert has demonstrate the proper steps to apply the Bio-essence skincare product with some soft gentle massage on to the model face.. 

Firstly, use the Bio-Essence Deep Exfoliating gel, put some onto your face and neck region and massage in a circular motion. Dirt and dead skin flakes will appear.

Benefits ~
  • unclog dirt and remove dead cells
  • refine and revitalise your skin
  • removes black heads, white heads and heals pimples
  • brighten dull complexion for fairer looking skin
  • refine your pores for smooth radiant skin
Step 2: Apply the Bio-Essence Nourishing Deep Cleanser
-Apply to your fingertips and gently massage in circular movements. 
-Rinse off with water.

Benefit ~ Nourishes skin while cleansing to leave skin clean and smooth with no tight feeling after wash.

Step 3: Miracle Bio Water
Just like normal pray it on to our face. It's touted as having soothing, anti-irritation and calming effects on the skin.

Step 4: Bio-Essence Deep Nourishing Toner
Moisten cotton ball or pad with a few drops of Bio-Essence Deep Nourishing Toner.
Using upward strokes, gently apply cotton ball or pad over entire face and neck.

Step 5: after apply the toner than sure must apply the eye-cream to take good care to our tired eye as well.
Pump out an small drop amount on to your finger. Pat the eye essence gently around both eyes starting from the inner corners and ending at the outer corners. Continue to do so until the essence is absorbed fully.

Benefits ~
  • Eliminates dark circles 
  • Reduces fine lines of the skin around the eyes Nourishes and brightens eye contours.

Step 6: Follow up with Bio-Essence Radiant Youth Essence (With ATP)
Apply twice daily on the face and neck. Massage gently in circular movements until essence is fully absorbed to achieve fairness & radiance. It can also be applied to hands and legs.

Benefit ~
• Contains 95% pure Green Tea extract.
• Locks in moisture, prevents dryness and keeps skin hydrated and soft.
• With ATP to recharge skin cells with energy, maintaining youthfulness.

Step 7: After apply all the essence and serum we do need to apply this very important cream than can make our face look firm and lifting * Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream with ATP *
Use it 2 times a day in morning and nigh time before going to bed .
Apply it on your face and neck and massage it in circular motion and lift your cheeks' upside until it absorbed completely in your skin.
it is recommended to use together with the 3 Treasures of the V Face
Series (Deep Exfoliating Gel, Radiant Youth Essence & Face Lifting Cream).

Benefits ~
•  Lifts facial contours• Firms sagging skin
• Reduces double skin
• Contracts pores & refines skin
• Reduces appearance of aging line
• Deeply nourishes & moisturizes skin
• Reduces visible fine lines & wrinkles
• Shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm 

Lastly must apply the Sun block of course ~ Bio-essence Bio Water Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF56 is water-based sunscreen which provides skin with high and long-lasting protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays with an invisibly light finish

My face measurement after done all the proper steps and it's really work because my face has slim down for 0.8cm... 
Yeah! my face was reduce some inches and it become more lifting and firm after this challenge (^_^)V

I'm glad to be invited to join this great challenge.
And now I could see my face look so clean and fair after followed all the proper steps to apply the whole set of Bio-Essence firming and lifting skincare set. 
For sure will be continue using these set of skincare range product that given me more fair and radiance result to maintain the good firming and lifting skin.

IS the time to announce the winner that the person has successfully lost about more that 10cm inches for her face, that these product cream really work effectively on to her face, congratulation to her and Im not able to snap her photo.

 With friend ^_^

 My new friend that met her in this challenge.

 With my dearest friend "Sherry Saw" We feel happy to join this challenge together ^_^

Thank you very much for the lovely goodies bags that full of the rich quality skincare product.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

@ ~ **Sasa Ladies Day** ~ @

Congratulations to Sasa that held their very grand *Sasa Ladies Day* again at Selangor Turf Club! I was privileged get the invitation to attend their exclusive Ladies Day Party on December.

SaSa Ladies Day was organized annually and this is my 3rd time attending their exclusive party.
The theme was the same as last few year, the guest outfits will need topped by stunning hats when they attended this Ladies day party.

Try Imagine, all the Ladies guest wearing their elegant outfits match with variety designs of stunning hats when attended this party with red carpet walk, sure make this party look grand and lordly like those Hong Kong's type evening party that we always saw in the HK drama. ^_^

Ans YEs, Sasa giving us the great chance by invited us to attend their very exclusive evening party with our partner and also Sasa team, feel really graceful able to attend this party with all the Celebrities and Socialite too.
Sharing some of my excited and joyful photos to my friends and readers to see here...let you all feel the same excitement too, thanks to ~ *Sasa Malaysia* ... ^_^

Time: 12pm – 5pm
Venue: Selangor Turf Club
Attire: Chic / Elegant

Let's clap warmly to welcome ~ 
Sa Sa International Holdings Limited Chairman and CEO *Dr Simon Kwok* and Vice-Chairman *Dr Eleanor Kwok* ^_^

Me take photo with their beautiful decoration front door entrance, full of pink... and the nice butterflies art deco ...

There's makeup booths setting up for the guess to touch up or do their makeup and hairdo at here.

Sasa provided the booth also for the guest to makeover to their nail too, so kind for all these service provided from Sasa Malaysia...

The guests will be seated follow by the small displayed card that put on the table, and I will sit together with other bloggers. 

Colourful cupcakes displayed on the table for guest to take it ^_^

Gold & Jewellery fashion show started around 2pm, each gorgeous Model will wearing the set of Jewellery catwalk to all the guest table, offering viewers a glimpse of all the star-studded action from the catwalk show in real time, plus a front-row seat for the fashion show.
Yes, the model will passed by each of us the guest table to let us see the Gold and Jewellery in close distance...
That's the Jewellery/gold was so precious and inspiring, make the event more shiny awesome ! @_@

All the model was wearing the same type of long black dinner dress, look so gorgeous and making the gold more attractive...


There's few boxes that the guest can take the paper and write down the horse number which they guess the horse will win in "round 8" ~ the horse racing competition that sponsor by Sasa itself.



My lunch on that day, so delicious all the foods... Yummy !!! ^^

This is very nice cocktail, lovely pink topping with salt on top of the glass. Taste good ^.^
fashion arena” where stylish ladies and gents could rest their feet on the patent white leather couches and enjoy a cocktail while watching the races. - See more at:

Provided many nice decorate *dining table* where the stylish ladies and gents could rest their feet on the patent air-condition room and enjoy a cocktail while watching the races. 
What's enjoyable party. ^0^
fashion arena” where stylish ladies and gents could rest their feet on the patent white leather couches and enjoy a cocktail while watching the races. - See more at:
fashion arena” where stylish ladies and gents could rest their feet on the patent white leather couches and enjoy a cocktail while watching the races. - See more at:

All of them are the best dressed winner, look so beautiful with all of the special design hat that matching with their stunning dress.

 Nice to meet my friend Iven ^_^

 My friends Iven and Eunice...
 Are they twins baby? muhahahah ^.^

Happy to met up with a pretty pregnant lady in this party ~ Carrie Lee ( 李诗琪) 

My lovely goodies and the special key chain door gift... ^.^
Thank you very much to *SaSa Malaysia* for the privileged invitation, the good foods, good performance and let all the guest can really enjoyed a very fantastic ladies party. 

Looking forward to attend their wonderful Ladies Day party again in future and for sure I will continuous support *SaSa Malaysia" to their good skincare and cosmetic products that best selling in Malaysia. (^0^)v