Sunday, 29 June 2014

* Movie Date with Darlie ~ Transformers: Age of Extinction *

How is your Saturday and weekend? Hope you all also had a fun and joyful weekend like me too.

I am very honoured indeed to have been invited to attend the exclusive movie day with my partner and also *Darlie* Team too.

Thank you *Darlie* extend their private invitation to me so that I got the change to watch this awesome movie "Transformers: Age of Extinction" with all the *Darlie* management, media and also the *Darlie* loyalty fans. 

Besides the free movie tickets, they do prepare the drinks and popcorn vouchers to all the guest as well, such a caring and generous sponsors. (^_^)

I believe that many of you have been watching this movie, for those haven't watch yet, please heading to your nearer cinema to watch this movie because this is really good storyline, good script, good actors, especially the good film shooting location was at " China " , " Hong Kong " and also " Texas " for this episode, of course the most impressive is all the awesome * Transformers Robots * with the few branded cars and also advance battleship in this movie. 
Actually I just came back from * Texas * during my US trip on last month and still very misses the big big beautiful field at * Texas * ... ^-^
I wish to visit this beautiful big city again in the future ... (^0^)

Just to say this is the really Awesome movie that you couldn't missed out to watch in this month !
Don't wait it's take down the show time than feel regret that not go to watch it in the cinema because I bet you all will get inspire with the advance technology with amazing explosion effects and sensational action movie that worth you all to watch it in the cinema instead of watch it at home.

If you haven't watch yet, please head on over to your nearer cinema to catch this best movie * Transformers: Age of Extinction * while the show time still available in some of the cinemas ........
There are few famous Hong Kong actor and actress also special appearance in  this move like "BingBing Li", Michael Wong (act as Hong Kong Police Chief )  and Ray Lui (act as Motorcycle Owner)

Directed by: Michael Bay  
Writing Credits: Ehren Kruger 

Optimus Prime  voice by Peter Cullen 
Lockdown        voice by Mark Ryan 
Drift                  voice by Ken Watanabe

Some of the famous main actors like: Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
                                                        Nicola Peltz       as Tessa Yeager 
                                                        Jack Reynor      as Shane Dyson
                                                        Bingbing Li        as Su Yueming


There have a contest to join and you could win 5 x exclusive assembled "Transformers: Age of Extinction" Deluxe Voyager. (You may enlarge the picture to view the steps)


The organizer *Darlie* are so kind that provide the nice and valuable goodies bags to all the invited guest.





Yeah, I got to bring back the lovely goodies stuff, the beautiful toothbrush, quality and famous *Darlie* toothpaste and also the new product *Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect .
I will try to write the review for this  " *Darlie* Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect " and " Darlie ExPERT FRESH toothpaste " after this.

*Big Thank you* to the kind and generous *Darlie* for the exclusive invitation to watch this Awesome movie together and also giving us the super value goodies, really appreciate all of this and looking forward more...more and more... great events or party from you in the future ! (^_^)V  


Friday, 27 June 2014

*Jasmine Girl Search 2014* 终极12强将要来到金河广场 @ 29/06/2014 Final

Jasmine Girl Search 2014 终极12强将要来到金河广场,她们将在这三天呈现不同的表演。

就让我们一起来到现场为12 Jasmine Girl 打气和加油,相信这几位Jasmine 也会佳丽呈现她们最自信和最美丽的一面来赢取冠军和许多丰富的奖品。

*加上Jasmine 也会在 金河广场设立柜台,让读者们可以购買雜誌至于,也可拿到豐富的禮品袋,還有機會參加幸運抽獎哦!

并且赞助商也会呈现非一般的美容秀 还有知名歌手将会来到现场演绎。
一下是这三天的节目大纲 : ~

# MakeArt Academy将在这个星期六(28/6/2014)中午12pm于金河广场Concourse Level为大家呈献一场唯美典雅的春の新娘秀。

#Quin Kok霍君宁担任表演嘉宾,她将会呈现你们绝对不可错过的美声表演!为观众献上精美绝伦的视听感受。 

当然不止这些, Jasmine 组办单位还为读者准备运抽奖送大礼,很多大奖等着你们来赢取!
这么多的好东西,好理由,好表演,好看的Jasmine Girl Search 2014 选美show, 哪能少了你的参与呀...

我今天也来到现场观看了这布置美奂美轮的舞台,也买了好几本杂志,换到了令我非常爱不释手的 goodies bag 产品。

Jasmine 雜誌幸運抽獎真的非常丰富,如果你购买杂志后记得

不是送价值RM699的个人彩妆课程,而是送出价值RM999的个人彩妆+仪态课程哦~绝对超值啊! (共有9份待你赢取) 

由Ginvera送出的Ginvera Marvel White系列,包括洁面霜、化妆水和零黑头Marvel Gel,以及让黑眼圈彻底远离你的Ginvera Green Tea Jade Dark Eye Circles Roll Away.

由Ma Cherie送出总值超过RM180的秀发产品,包括有Ma Cherie Air Feel Shampoo & Conditioner (200ml及旅行装50ml各一支)、Air Feel Treatment、Perfect Shower及Hair Oil. 

由Hair Corner送出价值RM480的MILBON Hair Collagen 3 Step头发护理~~除了肌肤,头发也需要补充胶原蛋白哦!!护理后立即看见功效,头发变得更健康有活力.

由P&G送出的价值RM244的Dolce & Gabbana香水“Rose The One”.

心动不如行动呀!你们也赶紧的安排你们的时间去购买这么好的 Jasmine 雜誌,然后就可以拿到这些豐富的禮品了。 (^_^)

以下是我的一些照片,分享给大家, 希望你们阅读愉快呀 ! 

Great news to share to all my friends and reader here,  Jasmine Girl Search 2014 will comes to the finale on this weekend 29/06/14 and you can come to Sugei wang to support and vote for them.

Besides, Jasmine also has setup a counter booth to give the chance for their lovely reader to purchase the magazine and it's will come with a goodies bag with a lot of valuable good products inside.

Wait no more, try share this good news to all your friends and go together to support the Jasmine Girls that start on these three day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the winner announcement day).

This is a great event that you couldn't missed out with a lot of freebies and also the big lucky draw from all the famous sponsors.

Please refer below for the event date, venue and also my lovely photo as my sharing to all of you.

Let's attend this hottest event "Jasmine Girl Search 2014" to give support to all the gorgeous Jasmine Girls at sungei wang with your families and friends on this weekend yah. ^_^

Lucky Draw Date and Time :
27th June 2014 (Friday)     -Start 2pm, 5pm and 7pm
28th June 2014 (Saturday) -Start 2pm, 5pm and 7pm

29th June 2014 (Sunday)    -Start 12pm and 4pm (During JGS Final)


* Snowy Weekend with Mr Ronald at One Utama *

Mr Ronald and Snow... snow...snow is coming to town ! How is your weekend? I hope you all had the great weekend same as me.
Well, the weather is really hot for these few week and I really hope I could stay at oversea right now so I could enjoy a cool weather in the winter season.

*Actually I just came back from my **Europe and US trip** recently about last month and I really misses that cold weather even now is their summer season but still having strong wing in day time and feeling chilly during night time...  (^..^)  

However, *McDonald* have a very creative idea to organize such a good event to build a nicely "McDonald’s snow-hill" let's us could enjoy the winter wonderland and escaped the heat from outside.
Let's join the fantastic sledding activities with McDonald's Chief Happiness Officer ~ "Mr Ronald" as he rallies the public on a global mission as their tagline is ***FUN MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN*** !!!


Ronald McDonald, who represents the magic and happiness of the McDonald’s brand, is setting out on a global mission to rally people through inspiring events. Coming off the heels of the successful Ronald McDonald global relaunch in April, Malaysia is Ronald’s first stop in his journey of bringing smiles and happiness to the world in fun and unexpected ways.

“Ronald brings to life the fun of our brand by connecting with customers around the world, whether he’s promoting literacy or spreading cheer at a Ronald McDonald House,” said Dean Barrett, Senior Vice President, Global Relationship Officer. “Customers today want to engage with brands in different ways and Ronald will continue to evolve to be modern and relevant.” 

About Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald joined McDonald’s in 1963, with a TV appearance in Washington, D.C. Two years later, Ronald made his first national TV appearance in a commercial during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He was named national spokesman for McDonald’s in 1966. He remains the embodiment of McDonald’s dedication to the happiness and well-being of people worldwide and also helps kids learn in a fun way about important subjects, such as fire safety, exercise, health and hygiene, anti-bullying, self-esteem and literacy. Ronald will also be keeping up with his duties as the face of his namesake, Ronald McDonald House Charities, just as he has since 1974.

About McDonald’s
McDonald’s is the world’s leading global foodservice retailer with approximately 35,000 restaurants worldwide, serving more than 70 million customers daily in more than 100 countries.  In Malaysia, McDonald’s serves over 13.5 million customers a month at more than 260 restaurants nationwide.  McDonald’s employs more than 12,000 Malaysians in restaurants across the nation providing career, training and development opportunities.  For more information on McDonald’s, please visit

The school holiday about to end on this week. However this is the great event that sure can cheers your kids up by joining the sledding snow in the Mcdonalds snow hill.
Let's bring your kids along to enjoy this special and Fun snowy activities with Mr Ronald  in One Utama . ^_^

The Details of the event:-
Date: 14th June 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: Ground Floor Highstreet
           (nearby Rainforest / H&M)
           1 Utama Shopping Center
Dress code: casual pants or jeans
Media registration start on 10.30am 

#Sledding activities will be start on 11am  and take a first break on 1.00pm than continues on 1.45pm.
After that will take a 2nd break on 13.45pm and continue back on 4.30pm.
The 3rd break time will be on 6.30pm and continue start the activities on 7.15pm until end the activities on 9pm for this whole day sledding activities. 
Every children was need to do the height measurement before participate to the Sled activities.
It the children is 110cm above than he/she can do the snow sled their own, otherwise might need to ride together with their parents.

There are some rules and stated below:
#Everyone under 110cm will have to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian during their ride. 
#Parental and legal's guardian's consent form has to be signed for anyone below 21 years old.
#Standing on or/and overloading sled is prohibited.
#Sled in designated area only.
#Only one sledder on slide at all time.

I reached the 1U Ground Floor at 10.30am because the media and blogger can start registration on 10.30am at the nicely design counter booth.



The fun sledding activities about to be start on 11am soon and can see many parents bring their kids to join this nice snowy activities too, there was a long...long...queue beside the McDonald snow hill stage.

The Emcee start to do the introduction about the sledding activities to the public in the crowded Highstreet.

The organizer *McDonald* assign their tough guys stand on top and also some have stand at the below of the snow hill, this could help to guide the participants do the correct ride way and also for the safety purpose.

Thank you very much for all these kind arrangement from the organizer * McDonald * to make this activities more fun, safety and successful through out the day.

Mr Ronald with his energy post and be ready to ride the snow hill with all the happy kids and parents soon !!! feeling excited right ^_^
Ready? One... Two... Three, Yeah... start sledding down to the snow hill, What's a great experience... shouted by the kids with happy and wonderful feeling !

***This is the highlighted part that the fake snow suddenly falling down from the sky in 1Utama shopping mall !
Hurray, beautiful snow falling on top of the building to the snow hill, what's a cold feeling to all of us, even it is fake snow but it's really show us a exactly like beautiful winter scene and making more fun on this snowy day event. (^-^) ***

There are photo booth setup beside the McDonald snow hill to let the participant take their nice and fun photo with their accompanied or parents.
You can enjoy to taking your nice photo with abstract snow falling background like winter scene.

From Left(Melati Abdul Hai, Senior Director, Marketing Communications of McDonald’s Malaysia, David Zlotnik, Director, Global Marketing, McDonald’s Corporation, Ronald McDonald and Stephen Chew, Managing Director, McDonald’s Malaysia).

Thank you McDonald’s Malaysia and Ronald McDonald so much to bringing this joyful and cool activities to all the kids in town let's them could enjoy a great family moment and also the cool snowy sledding with their parents and made their school holiday more memorable. 
This is really good idea to organize this event and give a great snowy sledding experience to the kids in our own country and also enjoy their favorite McDonald meals with variety of promotion menu choice. 

I think most of the kid will always craving for the "McDonald Happy Meal" set, that come with free toy, sure will make the kids feeling happy while enjoy their happy meals with the lovely toy.

Nummm, nummmm, yummy... this is my first choice of burger " Filet-O-Fish " and yes!!! I got the cash vouchers to get my free "All time favourite burger" on other day. 

Big Thanks to McDonald for all these great event, nice instant photo and also the lovely goodies, I'm really enjoyed and have fun in this whole day activities.  (^o^)

Looking forward more and more great events from " McDonald " in the future ^_^
And Yes... for sure I will continuous support my all time favorite burger foods " McDonald " just because " I'm lovin' it " very much !  Yeah (^o^)V  

If you wish to get more details or promotions updated from McDonald, please try click and refer to the link below...