Saturday, 1 October 2011

Simple & Relax Holiday ~ 27/8-31/8/11 (Day 1 to Day 5)

I love delicious foods, I love cheaper nice cloths and I also like cheaper Tours too :)

Even though I almost go there every once a year but still feel excited.
No any reason just because It is really good place to travel yet relax.
Shopping Heaven here I come ~ HatYai, SongKhla, etc… @ Thailand 

 My lunch during 1st day at HatYai ~ Famous Chicken Rice,.
Damn good smell and so fresh the rice, I'm sure you can't stop eating after one scoop another like me. =)
One of my dish on 2nd day's lunch ~ Famous soy sauce Pig Trotters (香殗猪手),nice!!!
 The dish for my lunch as usual my favorite ~ Sweet and Sour Chicken 
 All the delicious dishes of my lunch, Yumm yumm...

The main dish! sure we can't miss out to order this"among the most famous"in Thailand ~ Tom Yam Seafood Soup.
The Tom Yam Seafood soup was so tasty and the sour spicy taste just nice to me. 

Yeah! My dessert Time ~ Coconut Bird' nest soup (椰子燕窝), so warm the soup enough to melt my heart. “滋补养颜好好喝”

Enjoyed my Bird' Nest dessert Here ! Such a delicious OH.

Here end my holiday trip at Thailand, Really enjoyed and relax at here, Looking forward to the next trip at here again :D



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