Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Depart from KLIA to Schiphol Airport 04.11.11 (Day 1)

Reached KLIA at 9pm on Friday night.

Waited to depart at the waiting room. My flight 11.59pm. 

Spot nice decorations of the shop at Airport.

The flight gonna flying off to the Great destination "Schiphol Airport" lol

  My long holiday begin this second,yahoooooo ~ ^0^

I choose all type of drinks that provided, so thirsty am I , wahahaha!

 Watched "Captain America The First Avenger" to kill the time (The flight is expected to fly around 12 hours)

My supper "nasi kari chicken" provided meal in the  flight ...

His(Mr Nu) supper "Grilled fish with a cream sauce" ^_^

After several hours, second main course had been served.
His breakfast "Sausage with Potatoes,garlic and rosemary broth"

 My breakfast "nasi lemak with shrimp sambal" nice!

 Finally, It took almost 12 hours of flight time, we arrived at Airport Schiphol around 6.45am on Saturday "05.11.11" (at 13:45 pm local time)

Need to wait for almost half an hour only saw my luggage bag came out slowly from Baggage storage >_<

Yeah! Finally,eventually & at last I have reached the Great destination "Airport Schiphol" Feel so excited and gonna start my long holiday trip here, Yoyoyo... ^0^