Sunday, 29 January 2012

Schiphol airport hotel and Schiphol Plaza"Enjoy it ! Now is the time" 05.11.11 (Day 2)

Welcome myself arrived to Schiphol Plaza :)

Railway counter a platforms that everyone could check out or ask for the information about the time, price of tickets for any destination that you wish to go.

This is the map of Railway lines. You can find their transit system, street level, elevated and any distances from airport to many of the town center or cities by use this public transport~Train.
Normally biking and rail riding are the two preferred modes of transport at The Netherlands.

Hotel shutter bus will pickup the Tourist from Hotel to Airport, from Airport back to some nearby Hotel that around at Schiphol Airport .

Hotel Shutter bus with the soft comfort seats and TV...

 Arrived to our Hotel ~ Our First and second day's stayed Hotel ~ ibis Hotel

Yah, waiting and register for check in ~ ibis Hotel

The clean, neat and completely bedroom in ibis Hotel.

Take a rest before going out shopping at this city.

 WiFi Cafe room provide inside this Hotel.

Coffee house inside this ibis Hote. Let's us enjoy a cup of tea while take a break here.

 Front entrance door for ibis Hotel. Like the Love shape design :)


I'm enjoyed the green lake view, edge of the water that just in front of ibis Hotel.

Sun rising in the morning during autumn a bit more to winter time.


I like this pastry snack"Fried Cake" so much, has few flavor (original, come with chocolate, vanilla and cheese cost EUR 3 or EUR 4 each). It's really good taste, yummmy... (^o^)V

If you all want to know more information or see more beautiful scenery photo, Welcome all to view my blog and stay tuned to find out more in my next blog post(^_^) to discover the fascinating & rich history of this greenish yet beautiful country ~ The Netherlands

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