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Twisted Love Gala Premiere night @ Cathay Cineplex, The Curve 19/04/12

Twisted Love 撞鬼
英文名称English Title                Twisted Love
中文名称 Chinese Title             撞鬼
发行日期 Release Date            28 July 2011@ 新加坡Singapore
26 April 2012 @ 馬來西亞 Malaysia
等级 Classification                    Rating To Be Advised
类型 Genre                                 恐怖, 動作, 喜剧Horror, Action, Comedy
语言Language                         华语, 英语, 方言Mandarin, English, Dialect
官方网站  Website            

Twisted is the latest horror action comedy from Writer Director Chai Yee Wei.

The story revolves around a drug dealer who dated a young girl behind the wife’s back, a pair of con men who wants to turn over a new leaf, and 4 cabin crews whose lives were turned upside down over a fateful night of drugs and booze.

The character Ah-Guan played by Mark Lee, is a non-typical drug dealer as usually depicted by Asian movies. Here, Mark plays a ruffian who is fashionable (at least he tries to be), flashy and a playboy. The first act of the film deals with how Mark tries to kill a girl, Lily(Candy Ice) by crashing his car into a rock, and how that had in turn had led to making a devil out of the girl. In the end Guan is being sentenced to death for being a drug peddlar and in fact the girl friend’s haunting had paved the way for the police to caught up with him.

In the 2nd act of the film, you see how Guan, had previously sold drugs to a cabin crew. The 2 cabin crew boys (Cavin and Randall) then attempted to spike the drinks of 2 other stewardesses (Linda and Tracy) in order to bed them. However, never would they have imagined that one stupid accident would lead to another. You see how a series of unfortunate events can turn on a person’s survival animalistic instincts. It shows how bad intentions can rear it’s ugly head and comes back to affect the cabin boys.

In the final act, story focuses on a twisted family tragedy. Fa, in the course of trying to normalize her own life and that of her daughter’s, killed her abusive husband. But in doing so, she unwittingly unleashed the spirit of the father who now possesses the daughter to create havoc. To resolve this situation, she enlists the help of 2 Chinese mediums but ends up complicating the issue even more.

And among these seemingly unrelated characters, their paths cross and somehow bad luck seems to transcend the characters that have all been “touched by evil”. Director Chai Yee Wei used Guan as a Singaporean (South East Asian) representation of a “modern devil” - often uncouth, yet funny and charming in his own way.

This is a story of individuals with fates intertwined and how their paths clash. A series of twisted events that is a study on cause and effect and how our actions affect the people around us.It summarises how a bad decision to hurt others can return to haunt and hurt you back and that one should always do good to others

I'm so happy that being selected as one of the 10 bloggers to receive the invitation from Newskaki to attend this Twisted Love Gala Premiere 8pm at e@Curve on 19/04/2012.

Me and my friends wanted to avoid traffic jam so we all reach there 7.30pm like that. We go for shopping while wait for 8pm than only go to the cinema since we reach there early.

We saw this movie advertised board in front of the Cathay Cineplex

We go to redeem the movie ticket with our printed e-ticket that Newskaki sent to us early before the Gala Premiere night.

After we redeem our movie tickets and the person also inform us go upstairs to have some refreshment. We so happy to hear that and it is really nice to us since we haven't take our dinner.

The hall is clean, neat with the nice decoration, just nice for bloggers and casts to have foods and interactive here.

They started to prepare the foods for the guests.Not much people since we reach there early before 8pm.

There are platters of  Foods served by the sponsor organization to the guests. These are really nice foods with good taste and many choice. I like the mee hoon very much ^^

Yes, Me and my friends enjoyed our dinner here, Let's full our stomach first before go for the movie,hehe ^_^


8.00pm - Guest arrival

8.30pm - Meet the casts

9.00pm - Movie screening starts

Around 8.30pm, the event about to start. The host is Jason from 8TV appear on the stage to give some introduction of this "Twisted Love" movie. He make the event more happening.
About 8.40pm the casts arrived and the 1st actor arrived is Alvin Wong, than followed by actress Joey Leong, Candy Ice, director, Chai Yee Wei and the last actor arrived to the cinema are Mark Lee and Mimi Zhu.

Here some of the photo that I took on that Twisted Love Gala Premiere night, share to all my readers here. 

The casts really make the audience hot and happening environment when they all arrived and given speech (an introduction, movie and acting review) on the stages.

Yes, the group photo session time for all the casts, film director and also all sponsor.

My friends also felt happy to take photo with the actress Joey Leong because she really look pretty in real person.

We happy to take photo with One of the Main actor Mark Lee Singapore's famous actor. He is familiar to all of us with his several well known movie film.  

Alvin Wong look so friendly!

Also, we all enjoyed taken photo with some famous actors too, like Frederick Lee Ming Zhong.

My movie review :-
This horror plus comedy acting movie actually split to 3 chapter of stories. 
You may refer to the Twisted Synopsis above.
It's gave me many good unexpected surprise when I finish watch the first part of story, this because Mark Lee really performed good acting skills make the audience want to know more after the first part of story.

Come to chapter 2 story, it will more on talk about the Stewardess how they handle the relationship. This chapter teach people don't event think to touch or involve to the drugs because it will and could terrible to destroy your life or even someone's life.

For the last chapter, Alvin Wong (played role of Master Kong) and Brandon Yuen (Alvin's shop assistant) finally become a good guy to help up the Chu Mi Mi (Mi Mi Mum) and Joey Leong (played role as Mimi's daughter - Yi Ning) to save her life with sincere without hope for any payback.   
All the actor have done a good job with their excellent acting skills and wacky sense of humor. 
They all able to touch audience heart and easily to be influence into their real acting emotional impulse, well done!

How could you all miss this movie even though it is not a blockbuster movie, but it is the type of movie that suit to everyone. Furthermore it will bring you more surprise and laughter with their funny script dialog. This "Twisted Love" Horror, Action, Comedy movie will release date  on 26 April 2012 and 28 July 2011 Singapore.

Here, I want to say "Thank You" to for the e-ticket invitation even though I'm not yet finish the early movie introduction and my follower also not much that requested by them. 
Appreciate and Thank you onece again, Looking forward more freebies, good events and free movie passes from in future. ^0^

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