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牛尔与你有约 ~ *KOSE美容工作坊* (KOSE Beauty Workshop with Niu Er Teacher)


日期Date:   4日10月2013
地点Venue: One World Hotel, KL.

以下是我一些美容贴士,是我在 KOSE美容工作坊得到的宝贵知识。
牛尔老师真的好细心,每个步骤都讲解的非常仔细,连如何把多余的  KOSE whitening lotion 和 KOSE whitening serum 擦拭在手肘或脚肘部位也试在模特儿身上,让我们看的仔细明白。

牛尔老师也有示范“拍” 和 “打” 的真确的方式在模特儿身上。传授我们这两个重要步骤 “拍” 和 “打” 好让我们的肌肤更容易吸收KOSE 护肤品

示范了“拍” 和 “打” 的步骤,当然也会分享如何保护眼睛部位的步骤...
至于眼部当然要涂上 eye cream 或 eye gel. 如果你是干性肌肤或普通性质的肌肤,你可使用 eye cream 如果你是油性肌肤,那你可使用eye gel. 产品似乎个人肌肤而言. (Pure Advance Eye Jelly or Infinity Kose Eye Cream)


牛尔老师皮肤这的是超好,好像娃娃的皮肤,超水嫩和红晕,保养的非常好,完全看不出他已经是个上了40+ 年龄的男生。

保养肌肤应该从现在做起,就像蓝心媚姐和牛尔老师常说的 “天下只有懒女人,没有丑女人”. 
牛尔老师亲身试验了KOSEInfinity Kosé range 产品,也教了我们许多美容步骤和分享了他的美容知识。让我们对KOSEInfinity Kosé range 产品更为了解。
从选择适合我们的保养品到按摩的步骤也不能忽视。现在就让我们一起努力保养我们的肌肤吧! ^_^
I want to share the new whitening products that I’ve received from the Infinity Kosé range, thanks to the KOSE event and the invite from 女人我最大Queen马来西亚国际中文版 magazine.

I was pretty excited to be given this opportunity to try out their Infinity Kosé series that’s targeted for women in the age rang of 30s and beyond or women who are noticing sagging, wrinkles or lack of firmness in their skin.

Introduction a little bit of KOSE for my reader here :-

KOSE Corporation - and therefore the brand KOSE - was founded in 1946 by Mr Kozaburo Kobayashi. KOSE Corp is one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics in Japan. In Japan, KOSE Corporation is the parent company of a host of beauty brands.

Since its founding in 1946, the seminal concept in KOSÉ's corporate activities has been "to offer the highest quality cosmetic to each and every customer drawing on original technologies."

To bring forth the radiance present inherently in all women, KOSÉ had develop a series of breakthrough cosmetics beauty serum and powder-based foundations.
KOSÉ objective going forward is to win the support of customers throughout the world.

Introducing the new Infinity KOSE Realizing White XX range 
Whitening cum Anti-aging Trio: 
Lotion XX and Serum XX : For surface whitening , making skin radiant from within. Whitening serum approaching the root of dark spots.

INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV: One of the world's first PA++++ Sunscreen. Offers the highest SPF and PA protection to protect against spots, blemishes and photo-aging problems, wrinkles and sagging skin. SPF 50 +, PA ++++

This highly functional range from Kosé promises to give one a sure feeling of effectiveness with instant improvement of skin color, texture and elasticity. 

Achieve instant clear whiteness with Realizing White Lotion XX:

Infinity Kosé Realizing White Lotion XX is a Kojic acid whitening lotion that helps deliver whitening ingredients to all corners of the skin and saturates it with moisture, giving skin a translucent glow thereafter.
-we can use this lotion for daily and night time too..

Here example a beauty tips from Nui Er (牛尔) teacher ~  if any of you feel very tired after your whole working day and really feel lazy, tired or no time to remove your make up, than you may try this out...
"Use a small cotton pad, put Realizing white Lotion and mix with the Realizing whitening serum and just like follow the steps how you remove your makeup, gentle wipe to clean the makeup on your face until it finish removed, this can save your time for being go through so many steps to remove out your makeup during late night time... also this easy steps could hydrate our skin, make our skin clear, moisturize and smooth the whole day night.


*Hope got the chances again to meet 牛尔 teacher and attend his beauty class/workshop in future ! ^.^

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