Friday, 7 March 2014

My Beloved *Mommy* and wish her " Happy Mother Day "

I felt so excited and hope to write a post sentence to show of my gratitude to my mom to thank you her effort for taking so good care of me and also all of our whole family members here.

My Mom come from a small family. She has Father, Mother, one younger brother and one younger sister and she is the eldest daughter in her family.
My Mom has married to my father long years ago and have 3sons and 6 daughter after married.

I'm her number eight youngest daughter and my mom is full time housewife after her retirement many years ago. 

My Mom is the aunty that wearing red color shirt, beside the pink shirt aunty is her best friend, they travel to Paris together last time. :)

She took photo with my sister in law when she traveling to Australia to visit my eldest brother those working at there.
Mum took photo with my forth sister during her trip.

These is the photo taken during visited my eldest brother working trip at Sydney, Australia.

The above picture was taken with all aunties during dinner at Sydney.

One of my happy family photo, my Daddy, some sister, some brothers and brother in law are not in this photo because they has went out that time ^_^ (not include the maid)
*somehow my daddy and bro in law they are not so like to take picture and I just have their few photo in hand. (also, respect them not to show their face in public as low profile person) :P

I have never had anyone love me the way you love me. You are my friend, my heart, and my soul. You gave the best for me and now, you deserve the best! Mummy, I love you!!!

[M] • Mother love mighty
[O] • Obligation to be happy
[T] • Tenderness to their child

[H] • Heart and Soul given to their child
[E] • Emotionally feel full of delight

[R] • Rejoice her whole families with her loves always.

Let’s express our LOVE to our beloved angel. "On this meaningful day, I would like to let my mom know that she would forever be the crown of my heart. She is the air that I breathe in since day one. She is my best doctor during my off colour days. She is the chef of my chicken soup for the soul whenever I needed it most. She is the promptest lifeboat whenever am sinking into depression. She is also the divine guardian who enlightens me along the challenging life journey. All in all, she is the main life-support that keeps me growing holistically to be where I am now today. Love you mom……………" Muacks !!

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