Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Have a Great shopping experience with ~ * Tangs Malaysia *

How is your weekend? Hope you all also had a wonderful Saturday like me.

Yes, It was a privilege and an honor to have been invited to attend the " Tangs Malaysia Bloggers' Event - The Fashion Social " held at Tangs One Utama on 19th July 2014.

The Event Details :- 

Date: Saturday  19th July 2014
Time: 10am to 2pm
Tangs One Utama F305 & S305
  1st & 2nd floor, Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 

No. 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.

The things need to bring along:
~ Camera
~ A plus one of the opposite gender
~ Positive energy 

C.K. Tang Limited is a company that specializes within Singapore’s retail market, with its flagship store TANGS located on Orchard Road, Singapore. For many, TANGS is regarded as a principal shopping destination in the city, comparable to Bloomingdales in New York and Selfridges in London.
The oldest home-bred department store in Singapore, TANGS was founded by Tang Choon Keng, popularly known as CK Tang, in 1932.
Located at 1Utama, the store that will be known as Tangs Emporia incorporates the concept of department store and shopping mall sophisticatedly, making it a paradise for shoppers to explore.

Tangs store normally will have experienced fashion stylists who will give advice to shoppers who have requested for this in advance.

Tangs is a place where shoppers can find quality merchandise and excellent level of services.

Shoppers who make a purchase of a certain amount will receive a gift even during the sales period.

While talking about the sale day for Tangs, Caden and Nikki has told me about the " Tangs Member Day " will be held on this Friday " 25th July 2014 " hohohohoh....

If you wish to grabs some beautiful yet good material dress, trouser, shoe, accessories with low price after getting more extra discount... than you shouldn't miss out this great sale at " Tangs Member Day " so remember mark your calendar and go to Tangs shopping on this Friday yah,  ^_^

I reached the venue around 10.30am and Caden has start giving the briefing with the video slight.
She has provide the simple and clear introduction about Tangs history and it's concept stores to us.

She also explained the styling activities to us, before start this " fashion & styling " game, she has bring all of us to have a walk through around the two floor of Tangs Shopping Mall and give us some explanations about the cloth brands inside Tangs Shopping Mall.

Sharing some of the nice photo that I have took during the event in Tangs shopping mall.

One of the famous brand " Superdry " that you can find in Tangs also.

"Superdry's distinctive designs, which combine Americana with Japanese-style graphics and British tailored fits, have led some to believe we're a Japanese clothing label. But although the Superdry graphics may look Japanese, the label's origins are very much home-grown."
For guy, you can find your trendy Men-T shirt with many nice and colorful designs here.
Let's get one the best label T-shirt ~ Superdry on this coming " Tangs Member Day ".
For couple both can indulged in some pre-festive season shopping, helping each other choose their perfect Superdry outfit too! 

T-shirt lover your have a lot of choice, you can choose your simple and casual T-shirt at " Pestile & Mortar Clothing " offer variety of cutting designs to fulfill different needs of shopper.

Full of lovely toys and dolls displayed in the big tray at the center of the floor, it could be nice decoration and also attract children make them feel happy to shop at Tangs as well  ^_^

From handbags to sportswear to fragrances to sunglasses and also all beauty accessories, the new state-of-the-art shop is set to fascinate the shoppers.

This Tangs store same like Tangs at Pavilion and Empire Subang, all these new store has its own unique concept to give shoppers a different shopping experience.

 Famous Designer " Zang Toi " shoe store also in Tangs.

After finished the walk through in the Tangs store than we need to start the Fashion & Style Game.
from the photo above you can see all of us is picking the number, witch the selected feature brand will base on the number we has picked.
My featured brands is " Portrait " because I believe this brand could suit my handsome model... Who is my model? Who is him???
Yeah, he is Mr Phang (My handsome model of the day)  (^_^)V
Me and Mr Phang start walk around the Tangs store to find the cloth, accessories or shoe to pair with my featured brands ~ " Portrait " coat.

" Portrait " is very new in Malaysia market, so may be many shopper don't know this brand's background history and where this brand from.

Actually " Portrait " is from Bangkok but is a registered brand in Malaysia and is made exclusive for TANGS stores only.

" Portrait " brand is available at Tangs One Utama and Tangs Empire Subang. 

" Portrait " is the brand that offer variety design of coat, vest and also button-down white or color shirt.

Coats come in various styles and fabrics, and are made from both natural and synthetic materials. The best materials for coats are those that Tailored Fit and feel comfort within the coat, and still look stylish.

As you all know prices always depend on the brand and material chosen. But I can tell your that " Portrait " is really made from good quality material with it's exquisite designs because my model love the coat very much too !

" Portrait " definitely your sensible and fashionable choice ! (^_^)

We would like to say Thank you to this sale person (those work with Granoff ) because he really helpful, even we have told him early that we choose his pants & bow tie just for our blogger fashion game propose and he said nothing and just continue provide us his very good service. 

He is kind to given us the ideas for how to choose the right color and pattern to match with our " Portrait " coat completely.

The beauty of the " Portrait " coat is that it goes with almost anything. By " Portrait " should matching with a white button-down white shirt and a striped tie, a " Portrait " makes a classic outfit that registers just shy of a suit on the formality scale.

For trousers, we have choose the brand of " Granoff " darker silver colour that our coat ; which you choose will be determined by your body type and personal style - either look great with a " Granoff " .  

MANY of you may be familiar with European menswear label " Granoff " , but do you know it’s actually Italian-Bosnian in origin?
" Granoff "  was launched in 1992 by the Granov family, who were wool traders. 
Known for its fine wool suits, from bespoke to ready-to-wear, its look combines traditional European craftsmanship with a contemporary feel.

The " Granoff " brand has been in Kuala Lumpur since March 2007 and offers su misura (made-to-measure) services, ready-to-wear and accessories.
Its signature products include ties and cravats, which are produced using the Opus Manualis technique, where each masterpiece requires hours of intricate manual rolling, boning and stitching.

The " Granoff " bow tie with white shirt will looks sophisticated on the men who know precisely how and when to wear it, but goofy on most everyone else.

This is another friendly sale guy that helping us to find the shoe size for Mr Phang.

We get the leather shoe from brand " Democrata " the design was nice and comfortable to wear.
It's also having discount  around 20% discount for select items in this month. (midyear sale)

Plenty of belts selection that you can choose from variety brand according to your own preference brand to match with your outfit.

Jeng Jeng Jeng, My model with his nice "western-style cloth" outfit of the day, what you all think? ^_^

Coat       ~ Portrait
Pants      ~  Granoff
Bow Tie ~ Granoff
Shoe      ~  Democrata
Luckily Mr Phang he is tall enough so the Portrait coat and the Granoff long pants can fit his body
shape and suit him well.

He is totally look nice with this perfect western-style cloth styling.
This must credit to the clever and creative stylist ~ yes...yes... yes "Is me" !  hohoho...

Actually, he choose all the fashion cloths by himself so this should credit to him but not me la...muhahahaha ^_^

I'm have took photo with my friend Grace that we met in this fashion event. Both of us really enjoyed in this fashion event since we also like to shopping and hunt for nice beautiful cloths at Tangs frequently.

The fashion game end about 1pm like that after all the blogger return back the cloths, dress, shoe, accessories back to the organizer.

Would like to say big " Thank you " to Tangs Malaysia organized this Joyful Fashion & styling event to us, we all really feel happy and had a great shopping experience with Tangs

Thank you so much to the sweet ladies ~  * Caden and Nikki *as well, sorry that I forgot to take picture with both of you :( 
Appreciate your kind invitation to me, so that I got the chance to join this great blogger Fashion Social event. We really had a wonderful Saturday with both of you.

Wish to get the exclusive invite again and look forward more and more great events, member sale, and great shopping days with Tangs in future.

TANGS is a fashion lifestyle concept store, featuring various concepts and brands to cater a gamut of consumer tastes and preferences. TANGS is the company's flagship store, occupying 68,000 square feet on two floors of the mall. TANGS is set to leave its mark on Malaysia's shopping scene with its revolutionary fashion lifestyle and its array of lifestyle merchandise.

Please find more shopping guideline, brand stores and promotions at the following website.