Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New launched of iPhone 6 latest cases ~ * OTTERBOX *

* OTTERBOX * Reveals Ultra - Protective Cases For iPhone 6

Congratulation to * OTTERBOX * has launched their iphone 6 cases today !

I would like to share this good news to all the iphone 6 user (include me too) (^_^)

If you were me (iPhone 6 user) will hope to get a good lengths of cases to protect our lovely new iphone 6 from those fateful bumps and breaks.

Received my parcel, Thank you ! ~ (^_^)

I have been using this Otterbox casing for one month plus and notice it very useful and really give a good protection to my iphone, since my iphone still very new of course I wish to get a tough and nice casing to protect it and I found otterbox suit it much and have 3 type of color to choose (Pink, Purple and Grey).

It's has a reputation for providing solid protection and a good fit. It’s slim enough to not detract from the iPhone 6’s svelte dimensions, while still offering comprehensive protection for the handset’s body, including the buttons. Openings along the bottom allow for compatibility with a wide range of accessories.

It boasts that will likely limit the number of times it is dropped but if it does hit the floor the all-round padding should cushion the iPhone from even precipitous falls.
The iPhone is sunk within the SafeGrip case so the screen gets added protection, too.

Overall I satisfy with this casing and love to use it because it is really nice and useful casing for carrying and also give protection to my iPhone 6.

Lets's get know more about of * OTTERBOX *

Founded in 1998 with a line of dry boxes, * OTTERBOX * has evolved into the No.1-selling case for smartphone in the U.S. and a global leader in mobile device protection. Its diverse lineup of protective solutions for handheld technology protect, connect and enable a mobile world. * OTTERBOX * has been a seven-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the U.S. and was named one of " America's Most Promising Companies " by Forbes Magazine. The company is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., with offices in San Diego; Boston; Cork, Ireland; and Hong Kong.

* OTTERBOX's latest cases come with varying levels of protection that fit for all occasions and lifestyles.

There are three type of * OTTERBOX * protection cases that launched recently :-

1.) Commuter Series [ RRP: RM 139] is a sleek and sturdy two-piece case that protects from everyday bumps and drops.

2.) Symmetry Series [ RRP: RM 149] is an ultra slim, stylish and pocket friendly case - with all of the protection you'd expect from * OTTERBOX * . Perfect for those who want protection, without compromising the sleek and slim look of their new iPhone. The best of both worlds !

3.) Defender Series [ RRP: RM 189] is a triple-layer, ultra-rugged case built for the most adventurous types. With a built in screen protector, the case also has the a protective membrane which covers the Touch ID, blocking debris, dust and grime - and a handy belt-clip holster hands-free and "not-to-miss moments".

[Steve Nisbet, managing director OtterBox Asia Pacific, says: " OTTERBOX has been creating trusted protection for Apple products for over ten years. We listen to customer feedback and continually evolve our designs to make sure we engineer the best protection for each device.

When you buy a new phone , having the #1 most trusted protective case on your phone will provide you with peace of mind. " ]

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