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Sozo Japanese Cuisine

*** Sozo Japanese Cuisine ***

Say Hi to my lovey friends and readers, how are you? hope you all also had a wonderful weekend like me.

As you all know the Sunway Giza full with plenty of shopping boutique and also nice restaurant.

I just went to Sunway Giza for my dinner about last Thursday. I have been there few time for shopping to hunt for cloth and nice foods.

I'm found that here have one hiding gem Japanese Cuisine called * Sozo Japanese Cuisine * and glad that I received the invitation to do the food review for this restaurant.

When after I tried their foods and I tell myself that I will definitely come back again...
This because I love their wonderful Japanese sashimi, sushi, ramen and ala cart Japanese foods very very much ! All are so tasty yet fresh without any fishy, able to satisfy our appetite.

I think it would be the same feeling for you too when you have try out their Japanese cuisine menu later.

Sozo is serving A La Carte Buffet
 * Sozo Japanese Cuisine * is a restaurant that serve a A La Carte Buffet, which mean
you can pick dishes from the menu, with unlimited orders throughout the specific period of time. The food will only be ready to serve upon order
Sozo is serving A La Carte Buffet

A La Carte Buffet means you can pick dishes from the menu, with unlimited orders throughout the specific buffet timeframe. The food will only be ready to serve upon order.  - See more at: 
 * Sozo Japanese Cuisine * has offer wide choice of foods menu, let's see the photos below that I have took during my dinner.

Firstly, I would like to recommend their most popular menu * Sashimi * plates that come with
is awesome, it comes with shrimp, chicken, jalapeƱo and lime and all it needs is a touch of sriracha.

The Sashimi here is amazing!  I really can't explain how much I loved the taste and texture, so you'll just have to look at the picture. I'll have to come back some day and try others, Sashimi portions are generous, I feel is consistent in quality and freshness.

This menu is " Salmon Belly " It's always fresh and truly sensational.

We have order this " Tokusen Tonkotsu Ramen ", the noodle soup was good and they gave us a huge Kakuni and Chashu meat, the veggies and corn were fresh and the noodles perfectly seasoned.
(Seasoned egg, spring, fried garlic, onion with soup noodle)

Another great menu " Special Soft Shell Crab Maki " (Mango, soft shell crab with Japanese style sauce). this is nice and acidic and has Mango topping up with the soft shell crab and rice.

Tantalize your taste buds by introducing these two sensational sushi platter " Spider Roll " and " Unagi Roll "
1.)Spider Roll ~ (soft shell crab, Bonita Flakes, Kani Stick with mayonnaise sauce)
2.)Unagi Roll ~ (BBQ Eel, Tamago, Kani Stick with teriyaki sauce)

Both rather tasty! The Spider Roll was my favorite - the sesame sauce was delightful.

For fish lover like me, can try order this " Sanma Shioyaki " The fish is very fresh and has a sweet, lemony and delicate taste.

If you would like to look for different type of Sushi, they have also prepare some of the ala cart sushi menu, so you can order the varied sushi base on your preference choice.

Basically I seldom eat raw foods but my husband like raw foods very much and he has order these " Salmon Sushi " and " Maguro Sushi "and he told me that these Tuna and Salmon was fresh and juicy when bite in the mouth.

This is one of my favorite and I must order for it when I visit any Japanese cuisine restaurant.
Yes... it is " Salmon Terrayaki " (Grilled Salmon with teriyaki) this was another nice food that rouse back my sweet taste. 

This called " Kimchi Chashu " for those love to craving for Kimchi and also BBQ type of meat than this will be good menu for you.

The Kimchi and Chashu Pork cooked perfectly. Everything taste really well together in flavor and

This is Kakuni (Japanese Braised Pork Belly: stewed selected pork with Chef's secret recipe). Pork belly simmered in soy sauce and dasi until it's melt-in-your-mouth tender.

The magic of pork belly is in the way the fat and meat are distributed; either one on its own would be cloyingly rich or insipidly bland, but layer the fat and meat like an opera cake, you end up with a gloriously moist and tender morsel that floods your mouth with flavor with each bite.
I love this " Fried Soft Shell Crab ", because the skin is so perfectly crispy.

I have tried a LOT of their other dishes and have simply liked each dish.
Wide variety of well prepared and plated , with assortment of sides, appetizers, deserts to boot.

1st dish: Chawan Mushi ~ steamed egg custard with chicken shrimp, ginko nuts and ponzu sauce. The Chawan Mushi was melted in my mouth, soft and tasty.

2nd dish: Unagi tofu ~

3rd dish: Chuka Idako (Seasoned Baby Octopus) ~ Beautiful baby squid in Japanese marinade, nice taste.   

The 4th one is sweet Ice-cream, a dessert always a hit with the kids and this was no exception.

To top this delicious meal off, we finished with Chocolate, Yam and Vanilla ice cream. Standard but also delicious and generous for the price.


There have the set lunch menu which convenience for the working people to have their nice Japanese foods with valuable price. The prince range for the set lunch is roughly from RM20 to RM40 depend the menu set that you order (refer some of the set lunch menu to the photo above) .

A La Carte Buffet Promotion :

Weekday Lunch (12pm-2pm)            1 pax      RM48.90             2 pax     RM97.00
Weekday dinner (6pm-8pm)              1 pax     RM55.90              2 pax     RM111.00
Weekend Lunch/Dinner                     1 pax     RM63.90              2 pax     RM126.00
Promotion at Ensogo Malaysia :

My Comments:
Again and again great food, and we also get the excellent service from * Sozo Japanese Cuisine *, their staff are friendly, will change new plates and serve you tea when you have request each time.  

I will said the foods here are absolutely fantastic, delicious authentic Japanese food in a modest comfortable environment ! ^0^

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