Sunday, 20 September 2015

* D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * ;【D'King 猫山王冰皮榴莲月饼飘香在中秋!】

The Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, Mid-Autumn Festival also Moon Cake Festival and believe many of you is thinking to buy which brand or which flavor of mooncake gift box set for yourself or friends...

There have a lot of brand and variety flavor of mooncake in the market, consumer can choose according to their taste and preferred flavor.

As you all know Best things means to be share and yes... here got a Best mooncake that I want to share to you all... I'm sure the durian lovers will definitely like this delightful mooncake very much..

I'm would like to introduce this hot favourites handmade * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * to all of you.



Yes, It's all about handmade, means all make by own hand ingredient which is fresh and health ingredients that suitable for all people and vegetarian too.

I'm feel excited to try out this  * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * let's see some of my delicious * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * photos below and think that you will feel the same like me, because I'm really can't wait to get one and put into my mouth when open the mooncake packet.... hohohohoh...

With this exquisite of handcrafted * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * mooncakes choose from classic baked to delicate mini snow skin novelties, the snow skin of this mooncake is really soft and flabby nice to eat by children and old people too.

The durian texture was superb nice since it's ingredients are fresh made from the D24 mix with Musang King durian and the sweetness is fine taste, good for health and wonderful taste.

It's a tasty * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * that you couldn't miss out, melting in your mouth after one whole bite.

This is really nice packaging, gold color wording perfect for sampling and also gifting.

Let's get try this wonderful taste of * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with your family, relatives and friends, let's them have a sweet durian taste  together.

Celebrate this season of reunion and gift your loved ones an assortment of this specially selected exclusive flavours * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * that packed in the nice Gold colour with white printed box.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of my friends and readers!
May the round moon bring you all a happy family and a successful future.

[ D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake are available for sale at the dealer shop or call: 012-664 8797 (Simon Chin) from now onward to 25 September 2015. ]
(RM128 per set with 8 60g pieces packed in chiller boxes)

If you really interest to try this delicious * D'King ~ Musang King Snowy Mooncake * , please take your order early before they close down the order, more details can refer below link and website:~
Last order 25 September 2015
For more info :
Website :
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我想要在这里为你们介绍由  * D‘king * 自家制造的月餅【D'King 猫山王冰皮榴莲月饼】(non-halal) 让你的佳节添加喜气,好吃至于也绝不失礼!

这家【D'King 猫山王冰皮榴莲月饼】是取之于纯正的 24D 和百分百猫山王榴莲肉为馅料,用纯手工研制而成。
它完全不含任何增味剂和防腐剂 ,泡沫 盒中的冰凝胶可保存榴莲甜品约10小时。所以·当你买回家后,要把它放进冰箱会比较耐吃。

D'King  猫山王冰皮榴莲月饼】,桥小的可以一口把它放进你的口里,软糯冰皮配合猫山王的香甜果肉即溶化在你嘴里, 香味扑鼻至于让您吃到吮手指,每一口都是那么香甜美味,让你吃出正统的猫山王榴莲果肉月饼,香甜浓郁和新鲜的猫山王榴莲无不诱惑你的味蕾,让你爱不释口。。。

这是 D'King 榴莲甜品的专访,从中可以知道他们的榴莲是经过谨慎的科技来制造出各式各样的榴莲甜品如,月饼,蛋糕,布丁,雪糕等等来迎接不同口味的消费者。。。

1. 请将榴莲月饼或甜品储存在“结冰库” (零下十八度)以避免甜品变质。
2. 当要食用时,请将榴莲甜品置放于室温下解冻约十五分钟.
3. 不建议解冻榴莲月饼或甜品三次以上 (建议甜品开封后请尽快食用)

如果你要订购这个超好吃的【D'King 猫山王冰皮榴莲月饼】,就要趁早订购哦,因为他们只是订制到 九月25号在中秋节之前,想要知道更多详情可以尝试浏览以下网页。

如要订购可以拨打 012-664 8797 (Simon Chin)
(一盒里面有 8 粒 60g 的 猫山王冰皮榴莲月饼价值 RM128)
只接受订购到 25 September 2015
面子书 Fans Page @ FB/dkingfans ,


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