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Mamil® MomMe Event

We had a wonderful evening at Mamil® MomMe Event

Kuala Lumpur, 15 November 2015 – Mothers gathered at The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for the Mamil® MomMe event, the second to be held in Kuala Lumpur, to learn more about how the gut, also known as the digestive system, performs many important functions that are essential for a child to grow and develop well.  

May I know which brand of milk powder is your child taking now? 
There are a lot of brand in the market and which brand should you choose and is the best milk powder for my child?

You may refer to the below information that I shared than only decide which brand of milk powder you should buy for your child. 

Children between the ages of birth and one year are considered infants. Infants grow very rapidly and have special nutritional requirements that are different from other age groups.

Some infant nutrition can get from formula milk like * Dumex Mamil Learning PreciNUTRI *, Formula feeding hassome definite advantages. Anyone, not just the mother, can feed the infant. This gives the mother more flexibility in her schedule and allows the father, or other relatives to enjoy aspecial closeness with the baby that comes with feeding. Also, the mother does not need to be concerned about how her diet affects her baby and she does not need to worry about breast milk leakage. In addition, since formula is digested more slowly than breast milk, feedings are less frequent. Some women feel uncomfortable nursing in front of other people or find it difficult to locate places to nurse in private. Formula feeding eliminates this problem.
[* of course, Breastmilk always is the best food for our baby, the above definition suitable for those mother lack of breast milk production] 

“Experts have been saying for years that the gut plays a role beyond the basic function of digesting and absorbing the food we eat. Recent research shows that good gut health also contributes towards a healthy immune system and emotional well-being,” said Consultant Paediatrician Dr Chin Wai Seong
“For example, nutritious food will not be able to benefit your child if the gut is unable to break down and absorb the nutrients. Children with poor gut health would experience symptoms like bloating, poor appetite, diarrhoea and constipation; this would affect their physical growth and energy levels, resulting in poor growth and making them feel tired and irritable,” he explained.

During his presentation on ‘The Importance of Good Gut Health for Your Child’, Dr Chin highlighted that:

· good gut health, with good intestinal environment, helps promote softer stools for easier bowel movement; 

· the body’s immune system is also closely linked with gut health, as the gut contains 70% of the body’s immune cells, as such a healthy gut can help protect against infections too;

· at the same time, a healthy gut and good intestinal environment supports optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients, which is particularly important for a child's growth and development.

Dr Chin also advised mothers to ensure that their children exercise regularly, increase their intake of fruits, vegetables and water and to include prebiotics in their child’s diet to stimulate the growth of good bacteria and decreases harmful bacteria in the intestine, thereby supporting good gut health.

“The important functions of the gut are often poorly understood. Hence Mamil®, as an expert in child nutrition, is proud to help mothers along their journey - and through these Mamil® MomMe initiatives we hope to keep spreading awareness so that children can enjoy the benefits of good gut health. Mamil® growing-up formulas contain an internationally-patented prebiotics oligosaccharide mixture GOS/lcFOS at a ratio of 9:1 to support and help maintain a good intestinal environment,” said Ms Jane Ee, Marketing Manager of Danone Dumex (M) Sdn Bhd

Hosted once more by celebrity mom Aishah Sinclair, the session saw a positive response from Mamil® moms as well as those whose children had yet to try Mamil® products; among the latter, many signed up online for the 7-day trial packs. 

Mamil®’s internationally patented prebiotics mixture of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and longchain fructo-oligosaccharides (lcFOS) at ration of 9 to 1, is scientifically proven to increase beneficial bacteria, reduce the growth of harmful bacteria support stronger gut protective barrier abd promote softer stools for easier bowel movement.  

e was a pampering session organized for the mommies before the event started. There was a makeover corner by the famous Japanese make up brand, Shu Eumura, a skin consultation booth by Kiehl's and Dumex Mamil photobooth. :)

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There was a pampering session organized for the mommies before the event started. There was a makeover corner by the famous Japanese make up brand, Shu Eumura, a skin consultation booth by Kiehl's and Dumex Mamil photobooth. :)

Copy the BEST Traders and Make Money :

Famous cosmetic brand Shu Uemura and Kiehl being invited to setup booth to provide a pampering session for the mommies those have join this event.

Let’s the mommies can do makeover and have skin consultation with Kiehl's to given a full relaxing hi-tea evening to all the mommies.

We having a great evening with other mummy friends  at The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, worth us to spend our time with all the expert and Consultant Paediatrician in this workshop and get back so many meaningful pregnancy and parenting tips.

This will be useful information for how to taking care our child by tracking their daily nutrient consumption base on their poop types.

After attended this workshop let me understand well about Mamil® formula milk are good in supply nutrition for children daily needs. I highly recommend my mummy friend/colleagues for Mamil® formula milk, it contain of the preciNutri. It combine of DHA, prebiotic and calcium which is good for children brain and body development also help children to build a better digestive system in order to prevent constipation.

I have tried for the taste, Its quite nice, without sucrose and healthiness. All mummy friend/colleagues can try consider to switch the current brands to Mamil® formula milk because it has the highest DHA content compared to the other brands available on the market. Give your child a complete nutrition and good to your child's growth, development and also build up the immunization.

If you are still unsure, have doubts or wish to know more about Mamil®, please do not hesitate
log on to or call 
The Mamil® CareLine at 1800 38 1038.


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