Sunday, 31 July 2016

" Mamypoko " Pants Air Fit Girl review

I have giving a good chance from Lazada to review one of their premium oversea brands diaper called " Mamypoko " and I have received the full pack of " Mamypoko " from Lazada about last week.

Lazada Malaysia is going to have an Online Baby Fair on 21st - 31st of July. in conjunction with their Online Baby Fair, there will have many great promotion awaits
for the lovely Daddy and mommies out there.

I love the packaging because there have few cartoon design to choose for, which I have received the packed with the baby model wearing pink cartoon design of diaper. 
(they send me MamyPoko Pants Air Fit Girl L44 with pink Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon design of diaper)


My baby wanted to touch it when I bring it to her room, mean that she also love the packaging.


I believe every mom also will same like me, wish to choose the best diaper for our
baby, this is because diaper play a very important role for giving good protection and comfortable feeling to our baby whole day long. 

“ Mamypoko ” is a brand name diaper that very popular with many new parents.
It offers softer premium materials, excellent absorbency and comes with cute Disney characters!
It can also absorbs up to 12 hours of urine.
(The amount of urine varies between individual babies. This is a rough estimate of the amount of urine and not estimate base on the length of time)

(Diaper 1 (left) is new diaper, diaper 2 (right) is the diaper that has been wore by my baby after 4hour plus, the yellow line turns blue when my baby pees, that indicating the wetness of the diaper. 
This wetness sign could let us (mommies) to know when we need to change the diaper for our baby)

However I’m always worry about my baby skin will sensitive if wear too long for the wet diaper, she like to drink water for the hot weather recently so I’m usually help her to change the diaper every 4-5hour in a day (but for normal diaper brand I will need to change it around 2-3 hour a day because worry the wet/leakages
make her skin become rashes or cause allergic reactions due to their normal absorption not that good as I found in " Mamypoko " diaper). 
Notes: Babies can get uncomfortable (and fussy) if a diaper is wet for too long.

I found that " Mamypoko " offers a very soft cover, special wick away liner for urine and thicker things, and a great absorption ability. It boasts breathable sides, wetness indicator, and a fresh scent. It has a slightly higher than average price but the quality is worth for our baby.

My baby feeling refresh and comfortable after wearing it whole day because it’s same a cloth-like outer cover, soft inner leg cuffs, and an elastic waistband that helps prevent leaks. This also given her more freely movement since she has started to learn standing and walking in this stage.

Thank you LAZADA introduce this premium oversea brands diaper " Mamypoko " to me, make my life easy and save my time to keep changing diaper after get wet and my baby feel so comfortable to wearing of it, keep baby dry and happy will brings the happiness to mommy too, this is worth for everything, don’t you agreed? ^_^

Sign up now to have more great deal here! LAZADA offers this premium oversea brands and also many of the baby stuffs at a significantly lower price.

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  1. Aww... she really looks very happy when have this diaper. Guess is her fav product as only she knows how awesome she feels when wear it.

  2. Wah. ..your daughter look excited when have and hold this diaper. Sure she like to wear it very much.

  3. Wow... your girl girl looks so happy with this diaper. She must be feel very comfortable when wearing it and must love it so much....

  4. Wow... your girl girl looks so happy with this diaper. She must be feel very comfortable when wearing it and must love it so much....

  5. so cute baby, this brand long ago my eldest son got used.

  6. Mamypoko is a good diapers, i am using it as well. Your baby so cute and she feels very happy by wearing the diapers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your baby look so excited with her pampers..So cute and growing big now..

  8. Yah, she felling happy when wearing it, thanks dear friends for the comment :D

  9. Wah your girl is so cute happy to try her pampers exciting!😊

  10. Wah your girl is so cute happy to try her pampers exciting!😊

  11. My baby said : " Thank you S Yin sister " ^_^