Wednesday, 7 December 2016

* Cirque Panda China National Acrobatic Troupe * ~ proudly presents by Sunway

School holiday has been started and believe that many parents has plan for their travel trip or any activities for their kids and family.

I’m also feel happy and enjoy this long school holidays since there will also have a lot of Public holiday during this * December * festive month.

I have watched a great show about last Sunday and wanted to share this great show to all of you.

This is my first time watching the China Acrobatic show in live as I’m usually watch in TV and only know that is quite interesting.

Sharing some of the photos and video that I took during the show.

* Ten minutes of brilliant performance on-stage comes from ten years of hard work off-stage * this the sentence I want to use to praise the performers.

Until I watch this show in live, unexpectedly that is really impressed me with their great performance and know that they are really put many efforts and hard work to learn that acrobatic, because this is the only reason that make them can perform so well in the stage.

Not only that, the performer also won the immediate applause of the audience, make all audience feel excited and enjoy to watch the whole show till the end.

I’,m sharing this great show because this is really worth to see and suitable watch together with family too.    

Let’s bring your family to watch this awesome show so can feel the excitement, and interesting live show together.

The show details : ~

Cirque Panda China National Acrobatic Troupe
Venue: Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon
Time: start 7.30pm

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