Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Semi-Final of 2018 Mister World Prestige International Pageant

Semi-Final of Mister World Prestige International Pageant 2018 ~ (Top 10 Announcement)

I’m honored to be invited to attend the Semi-Final of Mister World Prestige International 2018 and witness the announcement of the Top 10 finalist.

World Prestige International glad to announce the “Mister World Prestige International Pageant 2018” Grand final party going to held at KL Major club , actual date to be release by early of January 2018. 

The grand ceremony of “Mister World Prestige International Pageant 2018successfully conducted semi final on 16 December 2017 at Pullman Lakeside Hotel at Putrajaya greatly announced the list of the qualify top 10 finalist .

Here are the 18 contestants those will be joining this Semi-Final of Mister World Prestige International Pageant 2018. 
They all will need to compete with each other in order to get into the final round that will held on Jan 2018.

This is the international reputation of the World Prestige International organizers intentions to host a popular admirers Top 10 finalist of the party. Women's beauty pageant campaign is a familiar activity , you be marveled on“Mister World Prestige International Pageant 2018” . Just as every finalist has the courage to open an unknown journey, this process will guide them into the illusion of the river. Yet, takes places with extraordinary charisma to where he wants to arrive and achieve.

World Prestige International has outstanding finalist on this lofty stage, world renowned international organizers to set the platform exhibited for candidates, well train their physical fitness and no one featured and performance characteristics of talent on stage. One after another to show a broad and charming shoulder muscles with spread courage.

Kimberley Claire Mah will be the Emcee for today. She has given some introduction and event details to the audience and media.

The judges invited by the conference, World Prestige International organizers included previous wpi title holder like; Joclyn See : 2016 Miss WPI 1st runner-up; Kimberley Claire Mah : 2017 Miss WPI Grand Prize winner ; Gharam : 2017 Miss WPI 1st runner-up; Patricia Plavan – World Prestige International ambassador , Jesh Thiam – World Prestige International Mister ambassador, Vincent Siow - Rev Publika Fitness Trainer.

Start from the right: Gharam (2017 Miss WPI 1st runner-up) ; Kimberley Claire Mah (2017 Miss WPI Grand Prize winne) and Joclyn See (2016 Miss WPI 1st runner-up).


Start from the right: Patricia Plavan (World Prestige International ambassador) and Jesh Thiam (World Prestige International Mister ambassador).

The criteria for top 10 finalist, it was judged based on the contestants personality, appearance on stage and also from the Q&A session with the Judges in this semi-final round.

The Judges was concentrated on counting the marks and prepare for the finalist winners result.


Here are the Top 10 finalist, let's congratulation to all of them that able to get into the Mister World Prestige International Pageant in final round !

Top 10 Finalist full name list here :

contestant 1  : Steven Lee ( Malaysia )

contestant 2  : Vernon David Apostol ( Philippine )

contestant 3  : Ali afshar ( Iran )

contestant 4  : MD ( Sudan / Egypt ) 

contestant 5  : Sam Kilani  ( Syria ) 

contestant 6  : Firdavs Kurbonov (Tajikistan )

contestant 7  : Mosi  ( Iran )

contestant 8  : Jordan Tan ( Malaysia )

contestant 9  : Sam Lee Han Zhen ( Malaysia )

contestant 10 :Avesta ( Iran )

The whole team of World Prestige International organizers, in just two months time to quickly start recruiting Mr. activities side by side to find the right sponsor as collaboration partner. 

The Assembly would like to express its gratitude to all the sponsors who assisted the World Prestige International organizers in the world and the participants who participated in the “Mister World Prestige International Pageant 2018” . 

In addition, World Prestige International organizers is extremely grateful for the support of today's media friends, business partner and contestant’s supporter who attended the semi-final on Top 10 announcement ceremony.

About World prestige International Sdn Bhd :
The World prestige International is the number one beauty contest organizer for many years of pageant’s activities, through quality teams and campaign coverage across the country to provide comparisons with the international all-round state station and the international high-flexibility campaign, dinner and party. World Prestige International organizers dedicated to providing superior and fair campaign performance, exclusively improve the quality of the pageant campaign, caring for the sponsored businesses for different stages of sponsorship businesses partner to create and bring incomparable marketing effect. This platform through a variety of professional training, sincerity for the beauty of the perfect candidate to open up the journey on stage. Co-renowned Campaign and Diversity of Commercial Brands Strong Win-win Cooperation with Changing Market Demand.


We are really feel excited to attend the Finale round of Mister World Prestige International 2018 on next month.

Last but not lease, wanted to tell you all that Mister World Prestige International is now open for sponsor and  collaboration, if you know any brands or any of your friends that interested please contact : Ms Cassandra Ng : 012-6101188. for discussion and arrangement.

You may also follow their fb pages : www.facebook.com/worldprestigeinternational or you tube channel : world prestige international  to get more information.

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