Monday, 29 January 2018

Sunfeet, Giving You The Extra Good Care

I was very pleased to attend the “ Sunfeet, Giving You The Extra Good Care ” event about last week.
I able to learn some foot care knowledge and understand better of my foot through the 3D scanning test in this event.

This event was held on 20 Jan 18 at SunFeet centre in PJ.

Living in today’s challenging environment could give one the lesser accountability in taking a personal care towards his or her body. The perception of having all the finer things in life is like a prerequisite and fulfillment including personal care.

Quality assurance and care is vital today in providing this attention to any part of one’s body including the feet, one care element of our body that navigates and manoeuver. Having a flat foot, cerebral palsy, knee pain, scoliosis and even a diabetic foot, these will need some special medical attention by a fully trained professional team.

At SunFeet International Rehab Center, one cannot neglect that the feet are given a holistic care by its specialist and professional team on board including the area of occupational therapy, sports rehabilitation, prosthetics, podiatry, orthotics, pedorthics and physiotherapy.

With its first centre in Petaling Jaya, Sunfeet International is inviting the public for an exciting open day on 27 Jan from 10am to 7pm with a lot of fun activities, such as public talk by Dato Dr Edmund Lee, the residence orthotic specialist. There have children’s colouring contest while a special promotion is available with 15% discount on selected products. The first 50 customers will also receive RM500 worth of voucher from Sunfeet International.

In conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration, Sunfeet International is also offering exclusive promotion with the “ Happy and Healthy Feet for Your Loved Ones ” and this promotion is valid until 28 Feb 18. This promotion is packed in a gift box set and is an ideal present for your loved ones.

I have go through a foot test with the 3D scanning machine at SunFeet centre.
Please refer picture above of my foot test result, as you can see that the left side of my right foot and right side of my left foot was show a bit darkness.

This mean that my feet lesser support for the darkness side and Dato Dr Edmund Lee suggest me to get a shoe pedal that have convex curve to give fully support to my feet so that also provide the balancing and good support to my body and bone as well. 

Dato Dr Edmund Lee will request the patient go through the 3D foot scanning test to help the patient understand their food problem.
The 1st picture show that the Dato Dr Edmund Lee help the patient to do a measurement before making a mold for him.

The second picture show that Dato Dr Edmund Lee demonstration for haw to make a mold according to the patient's leg shape and provide the orthotic service to this patient.

This orthotic service help patient take good care of their foot and to solve their foot problem and tend towards good health for your whole body too.

 Dato Dr Edmund Lee said this is their family business that has been operated and growth since 3 generation that start from his grandpa and now to him to operate this family business.

From it's family business history, we can know Sunfeet International has build a long established reputation in the market.

If your loved ones having any foot or knee pain problem, why not you try bring them have a foot test at Sunfeet International as there have an expert team will definitely give you a good consultation,  and your love one or you also can have a advance 3D foot scanning test at there.

Do you know understand your foot is real important and getting a right shoes not just given us a full support to our leg and also provide good support to our back bone as well.

This is important for you all to go for a proper foot test as it's is related to your back bone and whole body health too.  Also, this should go to the trustworthy Orthotics specialist centre like Sunfeet International.

If you have chosen a wrong design of shoe, it might affected your health which can’t give a good support to your leg and body and make your leg become flat foot, knee pain or other foots problem etc…

Sunfeet is a Malaysia home grown that focuses in orthotics services and prescription and orthotic and prosthetic products to satisfy the needs of the ever growing orthotics and prosthetics care in the country. Sunfeet International is open 7 days a week from 10am to 7pm.

For more inquiries and consultation, please contact Sunfeet International at 013-528 3939


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