Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Positive Living with Healthy Liver @ Watsons ~ 3rd Jul’11

  Title of the day "Positive Living with Healthy Liver" .
A Healthy Liver talk by The Experts at Seven Heaven, Pavilion KL. 
Here the registration counter for the Healthy Talk.

 I reached here with few friends at Seven Heaven, Pavilion on time 10.50am to register our seats.

 The Watsons Healthy Liver Talk gonna start soon at 11am.

 The Watsons host gave some speech and introduction to start the healthy talk.

 First speaker Assoc. Prof Dr Loong Yik Yee(Consultant Physician & Gastroenterologist)given tips how to protect our Liver defend/prevention to get infected with Fatty Liver disease.

 To be aware how to take care of our Liver.

 Assoc. Prof Dr Loong Yik Yee shared his healthy tips and experience knowledge to the audience.

 The symptoms of Fatty Liver disease.

 There are some Treatment Targets.

 Please refer some of the Prevention of fatty liver methods here. As like normal way is have to balance of daily food intake yet energy balance, eat more vegetables, full of vitamin fruits, drink plenty of water and do exercise frequently. 
An important part of maintaining energy balance is the amount of ENERGY OUT (physical activity) that you do. People who are more physically active burn more calories than those who are not as physically active.
The same amount of ENERGY IN (calories consumed) and ENERGY OUT
(calories burned) over time = weight stays the same

More IN than OUT over time = weight gain
More OUT than IN over time = weight loss

 Second speaker Dr.J.Anbu Jeba Sunilson -
Given the speech “awareness about the silent killer – Hepatitis C”
 What factors that cause inflammation… 

"Please Beware and Be aware! "

 There are some Herbs can improve and stronger our Liver function, please take notes on it…

 Light refreshments, coffee, tea drink provided in the early morning.

 Free hand massage let us try the Watsons brand hand cream lotion.

 I choose the Watson strawberry hand cream. It’s smell good, soft and moisturize my hand with the comfort massage.

So happy and worth to attend. Definitely gain some new knowledge on this weekend. Goodies, free gift and vouchers that we received that day.

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