Friday, 25 May 2012

Sisters Magazines Special Class with Danny Leo & L'Oreal Paris Hydration Workshop保湿美容坊

Thanks for the invitation by Alice person in charge for Sister magazine and also mYoga provide us such a comfortable fitness center to held this event/workshop.
We have 2 sessions actually, our Yoga class will started at 10am until 11am than continue by  L'Oreal Paris Hydration Workshop from 11am to 12.30pm something.

I'm a Yoga student that have been learn since year 2008 but not continue the classes after for so many years until now due to busy on my work and hard to arrange my time to follow the yoga classes. 
This is a really good chance for me and my friends to join this special invitation class that teach by mYoga Teacher Danny Leo. 

Date : 07.04.12
Venue: mYoga center , The Garden
Duration: (1st session: Yoga class - start 10am to 11am something.) 
              (2nd session: L'Oreal Paris Hydration Workshop - start 11am to 12pm something) 

The practicing yoga has many benefits for the martial artists; Flexibility is obviously a great assess. It allows the martial artist to kick higher, hit harder, hit from difficult position on the ground, prevent injuries. Yoga also strengthens and stabilizes the body especially to the limit of range of motion.
Improve our flexibility, strengthen our core muscles and master our breathing by owning Introducing Yoga for Martial Arts.

Here some energetic nice photo share to my readers and friends (^_^)

Firstly, our teacher Danny Leo teach us some basic Yoga, started by the body warm up steps.

Followed by the body balancing steps.

Everyone full of energy in the early morning ~ ^_^

Danny Leo showed us the correct body yoga pose and right steps before we try to do it.

Open up your leg...widen space until your leg tight with the right body pose. ^_*

Straight your leg, your body shape, your back spine, back of your body too.

 It was a Energy Day for all of us. Happy, excited and relax our mind, soul and body through Yoga exercise . 
We all really enjoyed and looking forward to the next yoga classes.

2nd Session ~ L'Oreal Paris Hydration Workshop保湿美容坊
Date : 07.04.12
Venue: mYoga center , The Garden
Duration: (2nd session: L'Oreal Paris Hydration Workshop - start 11am to 12pm something)


 Foods provided for us after the yoga class, treat us so nice. ^_^

The user of L'Oreal Paris Hydration Fresh Deep Boosting Essence sharing her experience and good result to all of us. Her skin really look good in shine and smooth.

You will know how good the result and how does it work on your skin after you have try this :P

Everyone of us get one free bottle of "L’Oréal Paris HydraFresh Deep Boosting Essence "
50ml normal size, phweeeeeeeeeeeee ^0^

Our group photo time :D


L’Oréal Paris HydraFresh Deep Boosting Essence

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However, living in a humid and hot country like Malaysia will prove this to be very difficult. What more when we are constantly exposed to environmental harms like pollution and damaging UV rays. Think staying inside is your best option? Not if you are in an air-conditioned room all the time, which has been proven to speed up skin’s dehydration process, resulting in roughness, dryness and a tight feeling.
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  1. Hehe.. Nice long time I no yoga more than six year, oh should be seven yr..

  2. Want continue? Want join the next workshop session?Let me know ok:)

  3. Don't think can make It leh,,,son got class sat

  4. He got morning class til eleven