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female Levi's(R)Curve ID Blogger Award‏

This is the Levi's(R)Curve ID Blogger Award‏ contest that organize by female magazine.

I want to try take part this and below is my opinion about the question, Thank you.

Question: Why shape, and not size, is important to you?

The human body comes in all shapes and sizes, from ballet dancers
to sumo wrestlers.

The following are the four most common female body shapes:
Apple (triangle downward)
Apple-shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips.
Banana, or straight (rectangular)
Banana-shaped women's waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement.
Pear, Spoon, or Bell (triangle upward)
Pear-shaped women's hip measurements are greater than their bust measurements.
Hourglass Shape (triangles opposing, facing in)
Here, the hip and bust are almost of equal size, with a narrow waist.

Most women are either Spoons or Hourglasses. Most men are Rulers or Cones. If you are overweight, it may be more difficult to determine your actual body type. You may be caught between body types. You can be thin or fat for your body type, as well as short or tall for your body type.
Although it is not very common, some women are flat-chested Hourglasses. Remember that determining your body type is about proportion. It is the total circumference of your back and chest that is relevant, not the size of your body.
Natural shape and appearance of our body to depend on individual style preference. 
With the balance body shape, it can create or enhance curves, giving us a more voluptuous, sensual appearance. 
Natural body shape means of balancing out the figure and enhancing our femininity. Thus, we can wear any size of cloth or jeans comes out with nice body shape curve.

If you like your body shape you are either male or a very unusual female! However, whether you like your body or not, if you understand what your current shape and proportions are and know a few style guidelines for your shape you are well on your way to looking your best. After you know your shape better than only you could choose the size of cloth that you want.

That was a lucky enough if any of you have the Perfect Shape:
-female body shape is moderately tall with a body balanced vertically, an hourglass figure and an oval shaped face.
-males the ideal is tall with a balanced vertical body and a trapezoid torso and an oval face.

Q: How if you don’t have the Perfect Shape?
My opinion: However, you can create the illusion of a perfect body by choosing clothes to create the appearance of perfect proportions.  It's all about balancing your perceived shape to the "perfect" shape.
For example, as a female, if you have long legs and a short, rectangle torso you can create the illusion of a longer, leaner, inverted triangle torso

Of course understanding your current shape doesn't rule out changing your shape through diet and exercise or, more drastically, through plastic surgery.  The idea is to make the most of whatever shape you are now. I figured it is all part of being a beautiful woman no matter what you size.

Levi's® Curve ID makes me feel very perfect curve and essential jeans of my life! It is also designed with the temptation and sexy features. Having a sexy perfection curves at the same time is a worthwhile ‘investment’ for me!
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