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Special Zumba Class and O’slee Skin Care Workshop

Do any of you really know and understand what about Zumba Gold®?

Here sharing some introduction about Zumba Gold® ~ ~ ~

Zumba Gold® 
Doctors and nutritionists advise us to stay active, eat healthy, and think positively. An easy way to follow their advice is by taking Zumba dance classes which help us in all three areas.

It's great for our minds as well. While dancing to the exciting beats of Latin music, the brain's chemistry begins to release its natural 'fixes' of serotonin and dopamine to make us feel good. In short, dancing is a natural high! In our daily lives, fitness should be preferred highly on our daily to-do list to counter stress and less activity.

Q: What is Zumba?
A: Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music combined with a heart-pumping cardio workout that's easy to follow and fun to do. It was founded in the '90s by Alberto "Beto" Perez, a fitness instructor from Columbia, when he forgot his music and improvised a traditional aerobics class with Latin music and moves that he grew up dancing to.

Q: What makes it such a great workout? Will it help a person lose weight?
A: Zumba is an intense cardio workout, so it can help a person lose weight! Typically an hour long, classes include interval training and strengthening movements (like squats and lunges) to maximize your calorie and fat burn, as well as to improve overall body tone. Proper diet and nutrition is also an important part of any weight loss program — many Zumba teachers have said that "you can't out dance a bad diet!"

Q: Why do you think people are so crazy for Zumba?
A: Zumba feels like a dance party and not a workout. The music, routines, and overall exhilarating feel of the class are fun and addicting, so people stick with it and bring their friends. Students also see results, such as weight loss, increased muscle tone, improved coordination, and a more healthy and positive attitude from participating in Zumba classes.

Q: For those who've never taken Zumba, what does a beginner need to know before taking a class? Do you have any tips for newbies?
A: Beginners and students of all fitness levels are welcome in all classes. Students should come to class with an open mind and be ready to sweat, move, and shake their bootie! New students may want to arrive to class a few minutes early and let their instructor know they're a newbie, so that he or she can provide any additional cues during the class. Most new students tend to stand in the back, but I recommend standing near the front or in a spot that has a good view of the instructor. It typically takes a student three classes to feel like they "get" movements and routines.

Q: Do you have to know salsa or have a dance background in order to take a class?
A: No! Zumba is designed to be fun and easy to do, emphasizing a party atmosphere with no wrong moves. As long as you're moving and keeping your heart rate up, you're doing it right!

Q: Are there certain classes designed specifically for beginners?
A: There are no classes designed specifically for beginners, as Zumba instructors are trained to teach to all levels of students. However, there are six different types of Zumba classes. For instance, Zumba Gold is a class that offers less intense, lower impact moves and more modifications. There's also Aqua Zumba, which is a water-based workout. Visit to learn about all six types of Zumba classes. Instructors also have their own unique styles, so it's important to try out a few in your area to find one that jives with you.

Q: What should you wear or bring to class? Do you need special dance shoes?
A: Come dressed in comfortable aerobic attire that's easy to move in and can handle sweat. Wear sneakers that support dance movement — think side-to-side movements and pivots rather than simple front-to-back movement. Good shoes can include cross trainers, dance sneakers, or even running shoes with a worn out tread. Students should also bring water and a towel.

It is my pleasure being invite again by Sister magazine and also mYoga provide us such a great yoga class and events/workshops.

We have 2 sessions, and started by our Zumba class first at 10am until 11am than will continue by second session *O’slee Skin Care Workshop* from 11am till 12.30pm something.

Date 09.06.12
Venue: mYoga center , The Garden
Duration: (1st session: Zumba class - start 10am to 11am something.) 
               (2nd session: O’slee Skin Care Workshop - start 11am to 12pm something)  

We reached there about 9.45something. Me and my friends do chit-chat and rest in front of the yoga room while waiting for class to start.

Our instructor comes in and introduced himself and brief us some basic knowledge about Zumba before stared the class.

Everybody look tired in the early morning :P

Yeah! Let's do exercise together started by warm up steps first... this is the beginning steps yet important steps too before we get start of any exercise.

Yo...yo..yo, 1...2...3....4...shake to the right and than shake to the left...shake...shake...shake...shake your body like dancing ~ :D

Our instructor, it feels a tremendous satisfaction seeing the smiling faces of students who are eager to wiggle their bodies and wave arms to exciting Latin music in class enhance in their spirits and mobility weekly.

Move to the right...and than move to the left...4...3...2...1... and shake...shake...shake...!!!

I want you all move it...move it...moving...Shake...Shake...Shake...Move...Move...Move...
Yes! keep moving...moving and shaking...shaking your body... let's your whole body felt the shaking exercise after this...

Our Zumba class's instructor "Alex" ~ young & handsome, the myoga person in charge told me that He is quite famous and have a lot of student fans in that center, ^_*

 My phone editing picture during the class ^_^

 We are in changing room and plan to do a change to attend the second workshop.
But we have no time to do it since the second workshop gonna start soon.

#~~Finished Zumba Yoga class than continue with our 2nd session ~~#
@**~~"O’slee Skin Care Workshop - start 11am to 12.30pm something"~~**@ 

Foods provided to all the guests, let the guest can enjoy the refreshment before get start to the O’slee Skin Care workshop. Thanks, is that caring to all the guests.

UV Block Powder SPF20 PA++ (UV White++) poster stand.

Let me try to ask my readers here...How many O’slee Skin Care product do you all really know?
Do you all know where this product from?

Let's me shared some of my knowledge that I gained during this workshop about the O’slee Skin Care product ranges series.

O’slee the New Skincare Solution  

Beauty Solution with Rosehip Extracts

O’slee is a brand from Hong Kong and it recently won an award ‘Beloved Toner’ from Mannings. Mannings is what Guardian Pharmacy is to us, and for those of you not in the know, Mannings is a retail chain that offers a comprehensive range from health to beauty products. 

 O’slee is a new skincare product marketed under O’slee Malaysia and distributed by Bin Us Sdn Bhd. Its wide range of skincare products have been in the Malaysian market since May this year and are sold exclusively in Guardian pharmacies. O’slee Malaysia’s product launch to be held at Celsius Restaurant & Bar at the brand new Farenheit 88 on Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur targets to create awareness among consumers on the importance of using the right products most beneficial to the skin. Its brand concept is projected through nature, which forms the principle behind every one of its skincare products.

The main highlight of the event is O’slee’s Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III. However, several other O’slee’s skincare products will also be showcased alongside the main item. Experience natural skincare benefits with O’slee’s range of skincare products like these:
  • Rosehip Q10 Moisturizing Lotion
  • Rosehip Peeling Gel
  • Rosehip HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF 26 PA++
  • Rosehip Complete Eye Cream
  • UV Block Powder SPF 20 PA++
  • ClearSpa Complete C-Shape Eye Mask
  • ClearSpa Sleeping Mask Advanced Formula


O’slee Skin Care Workshop started by product introduction...

O’slee marketing personnel give a briefing to all the guests here. 



The O’slee crew give us the cream sample to try it on our hand, the cream so smooth and easy absorb by our skin, some more I super like the *Roses smell* make people feel like fall into the roses garden and whole body surround by roses smell @_@

She is O’slee skin care product user, sharing her great experience yet result after using the O’slee skin care product for few years. She told the guest that her face texture become more smooth, minimize her skin pore and make her skin more fair after used that  O’slee’s Rosehip Beauty series.  


O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Beauty Formula III brochure, let the guest can know more about this product through this brochure...

  O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Beauty Formula III

O’slee has recently launched its latest product, the Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III to the Malaysian market. Containing pure rosehip extracts that originates from the rich soil of the Chilean mountains, the product offers plenty benefits that most Asian women seek for.
Complete with extra moisturizing and extra whitening properties, those with dull and dry skin will enjoy using the Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III as it helps to increase and retain skin moisture and lessen the visibility of spots and pigmentations. Aside from that, it also neutralizes free radicals caused by UV rays to slow down the aging process. What about visible pores and black heads you say? Well lucky you because it comes with a punch to clear away those ugly black heads by promoting skin revitalization and minimizes pores size.

The main aim of the event besides creating brand awareness is also to launch O’slee’s latest product the Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III. It boasts two added qualities – extra moisturizing and extra whitening. To know more information about O'slee's products or Rosehip Beauty Solution please visit to

Yeah! I received my O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III full size 100ml, Rosehip Hydra White Cleansing Powder, UV Block Powder SPF20, Rosehip Whitening Mask and other Moisturizing Lotion samples. ^0^
My Favorite magazine and full size of Asience shampoo ^_^

***Thank you very much to all the sponsor (Sister Mag, Myoga and O’slee marketing personnel for given us all these lovey free gifts. We all really have fun and joyful to attend this Zumba class & Workshop.***
@~~Thank You ^0^~~@ 


  1. Yah we all so enjoyed at this class/workshop.
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    Really wanted thank you to the sponsor ^0^

  2. so nice. Wish to join with you. @_@

  3. Yalor my time not right so can't join. Hehe.. Last sat awesome join the workshop first time hehe.. If u no ask me join where I got chance win lucky draw.