Monday, 9 July 2012

Sisters Magazines~Yoga Class with Danny Leo & EBENE Workshop (12.05.12)

Again! I have the invitation by Alice person in charge for Sister magazine and also mYoga provide us such a great yoga class and event/workshop.
As usual we have 2 sessions, our Yoga class will started at 10am until 11am than continue by EBENE Workshop from 11am till 12.30pm something.

Date : 12.05.12
Venue: mYoga center , The Garden
Duration: (1st session: Yoga class - start 10am to 11am something.) 
              (2nd session: EBENE Workshop - start 11am to 12pm something)  




 Our Beauty Gang photo with our Yoga Teacher ^_*


#~~Finished our Yoga class than continue with our 2nd session ~~#
<<~~"EBENE Workshop - start 11am to 12pm something"~~>> 

Sister magazine and mYoga they are so caring provided foods to all the guests, let us can rest and enjoyed the light refreshment before start the EBENE workshop.  

 The Eben organize team have set up the clean booth with all the Ebene Bio-Ray products.

On Ebene Bio-Ray products, there are many raised dots and these are called bio-ceramic which emits Far Infrared rays.
Benefits of Far Infrared rays:
For Ebene Bio-Ray Elbow, Knee and Ankle guards, Gloves and Socks and Cap:
  • It help people suffering from all forms of arthritis, relieves muscle spasms and joint stiffness.
  • It increases the extensibility of collagen tissues and capillaries which is good for stimulation of blood flow,  regeneration, circulation and oxygenation
  • It reduces inflammation.
  • It relieves  nervous tension and relaxes muscles.
For Ebene Bio-Ray Slimming Belt:
  • It is extremely beneficial in weight control programmes.
    • It is observed that one hour  under the FIR therapy raise the body metabolism and body temperature that it  burns 900 calories.
    • FIR  heat also breaks down cellulite – trapped water, fat and waste in the body.
For Ebene Bio-Ray underwear:
  • It helps to prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary artery disease and blood circulation.It helps to improve skin conditions and all-around beauty treatment.It is also said to help body strengthen the immunity system by stimulating increased production of white  blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

Find out more Ebene Bio-Ray products here :-

 She started to given brief introduction for all the Ebene Bio-Ray products and show us the picture through the projector ...

They have a small experiment, this girl are request to test the taste of the salt.
Two plate of salt prepare on the table, one plate just put like normal on the table and another one plate put on top of the Eben Fabric.
She started to taste the salt.

She give her comment that the salt put on the table more salty and the one put on top of Eben fabric which is unsalty.
This experiment told us that the Eben product can reduce the sodium concentration in the human body, suitable for those people with high sodium levels.

X-ray picture show human leg before wearing the EBENE Bio-Ray Knee Guard.

This picture show that the efficacious result of the leg after wear the EBENE Bio-Ray Knee Guard.
Means it's helps to stimulate the blood circulation inside our leg after wearing this.
EBENE Bio-Ray Knee Guard contains Bio Energy ingredients which can emit a Bio- Ray Energy that penetrates deeply into the muscle (30mm) to stimulate the circulation of oxygen and blood in order to enhance the supply of nutrients to strengthen the bone and soft disc.
Everybody enjoyed listening the introduction of the Ebene product ^_^


There are price listing for us, All the guests can get discount 
for Ebene Items during any purchase on that day. It is almost 30% cheaper than the market price.

Group photo time of course! Said Cheerssss ^_^

Ebene Team, mYoga and Sister magazines person in charge's group photo, Wheeee ^.^

Yes!!! We Happy to receive our Goodies Bagsss, inside got many free gifts ^0^

Our Lovely gifts and free sample (^_^)V
My favorite Sister Magazine and Special Bridal Trend Magazine (This magazine that I wish to buy but luckily not buy on that month because now I got it for FREE^^), EBENE Bio-Ray Women's Health Panty, Asience Shampoo, Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream, Tea bag and etc...... 

***Appreciate and thank you very much to all the sponsor for given us all these lovey free gift. Make us felt so happy, fun and joyful to attend this yoga class & Workshop. Really worth it.***
@~~Thanks yah^0^~~@ 


  1. Was here see if you update the blog hehe..

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  2. Come la, join one time and see :)

  3. Yes here to support Sanny hehe.. Ok.. Need go slp nw

  4. yoga seems fun.. always wanted to try!

    xo Sarvin

  5. Yah, Sarvin Sidhu,

    You can join their next workshop....
    Just le me know if you want join so I will share you if have this type of yoga workshop in future :)