Monday, 16 September 2013

Poise® ~ "Light LUL pads" launch workshop.

LUL ~ It stands for Light Urine Leakage, and it affects about 40 million women. That means you can expect a third of your friends to know what you're going through. Sometimes little leaks just happen. But Poise® can help you manage leaks easily and discreetly, so those little leaks are not a big deal.

If you just wear normal period pads you will found that actually It's can not hold any urine. Plus you will noticed they are not made to block out urine smells too.
For those women has the LUL problem (I guess, beside the old women and most of the pregnancy women will also has facing this problem too).

Now with Poise®  LUL pads you can do your daily activities or exercise like normal...
Designed for this light LUL pads - urine is absorbed and held in the pad. Thus, it could help you to solve your light urine leakage and also other legitimate problem.

The pads material are made out of- unlike other pads, they don't get sticky or make you feel itchy when using them. They are so comfortable and flexibility make us go out without worrying the leakage problem.

*Proven Protection, 3x Drier

Poise® Moderate Absorbency Pads are specifically designed for light bladder leakage and stay 3x drier than leading period-only maxis. The Leak-Block* sides give you outstanding protection while our Absorb-Loc® core quickly locks away wetness and odor.

I would like to Thank you to my lovey friend "Sherry Saw" share this workshop to me so that I got the good chance to attend this workshop and consequently to know more about this Poise® good product and gain some of the feminine healthy and hygiene tips.

Thank you for the nice foods served to us on that day.

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