Sunday, 13 October 2013

Carlsberg ~ WHERE IS THE PARTY 2013

It was an honor to get invited for this year "Carlsberg ~ WHERE IS THE PARTY 2013" event on the 6th of July at the Meeting point "Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) Parking Lot 43400 Serdang".

Me and my friends had a great experience at "Where’s The Party" this year and looking forward again the more bigger and better "Where’s The Party" on 2014! 

Sharing some of our excited photo during attend this events on that night, hope you all also can feel the excitement we had too ^0^

We reach there about 6.30pm and there are long queue for a lot of car drive to the meeting point.
There is a shutter bus provided to send all the guest to the party actual venue.
Look so mystery right? but we trust and believe Carlsberg Malaysia will find a good party place to everyone guest and make sure all the guest enjoy fullest at there... :)
Long Queue for the registration counter.

Their theme is "Depart and Arrived" enjoy a Great party journey with Carlsberg" so you will see their "boarding gate" before entering to the event place.
There are many beautiful Carlsberg stewardess waiting you at there ^.^

 Information board...for your good reading and search for your preference boots ...

So kind of Carlsberg, provide the leg massage to the invited guests. Let's us can relax ourselves with this leg massage than can fully enjoy this party at night later ^^

 There are alot of games, activities provide in different booth for the guest to play and you could also get the free gifts or prizes if you win from the games..

That is counter of bar which you can enjoy your free flow beer, this should be a very good news for those beer lover than u can enjoy your beer to the max.... hohoho...

Yes, good beer sure pair with good foods, Carlsberg also provided many delicious foods for all the guests.
From, rice, meehoon, potato wedges, fried snack foods all able to full our stomach. 

Enjoyed my foot massage here, the staff was so skillful make my leg feel very comfortable after the massage.

Around 8pm something the party was started...
Yeah! Let's enjoy the beeer.... enjoy the music... and fully enjoy the party with your friends, let's dance together, hohoho ^^










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