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Kinohimitsu Luau Party‏ @ *Hawaiian Tropical Theme*

It was a Nov month that I was invited to joined a great workshop "Kinohimitsu Luau Party" that organize by "The Butterfly Project" ^_^

Its make me felt excited for the luau party because I’ve really like the theme "Hawaiian Luau Party" that we can wear the beach cloth/dress and I normally like to wear floral dress to beach or Island. 
Furthermore, can see many beauty bloggers wearing nice beach cloth and long floral dress or grass skirt in this party too ...^^

The Venue and details as below :-

Date: 20th Nov 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Venue: Vila Manja Spa
Dress Code: Hawaiian Tropical
MCs of the night: Tammy and Illy 


Can't wait to try this *J'pan Bio-Booster product* and great to know that we are (all the beauty blogger) the first to try this J'pan Bio-Booster product ^.^

Me and my blogger friends reached the place on time 7pm even we has also stuck almost half one hour in the traffic jam >_< we can reach on time because we had go off early from our office place to this venue.
I first time to this place "Vila Manja Spa" It's look like a bungalow style house and being decorated it become a spa house with a small garden with some plants and flowers at two side of the entrance.... 

Yah, it's look like abit garden feel with few small tree here ^_^  

That is a nice decoration for their stone stepladder ~ fresh roses that put in the left hand side on top of the stone stepladder, let you feel the good smell when you cross this ladder enter to their spa waiting room ^_^

Very nice and beautiful design of spa house...

 Beautiful Spa house......

 This is the waiting room, let the guest sitting down or rest while wait for their turn of any treatment. come many good recommend *Kinohimitsu* healthy drink product displayed on the tray inside the spa restroom.

 Enjoyed our traditional massage here , feel so so so......comfortable ^0^

The is a new launched of  product by Kinohimitsu ~ *Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster* !!!
It is the market’s first symbiotic-organic product that facilitates nutrient absorption by more than two times.
Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster is available in a powder form of 30 sachets per box. 
It is shelf stable at room temperature when sealed in its original package, and can be consumed directly or by mixing it with chilled water or any beverage for your interest except "Coffee and Tea" . 

The are two Kinohimotsu spokesperson, the girl is Miss Azalea (Miss Tourism 2013 finalist) sharing
their good experience and also good result to all the beauty bloggers after consumed the *Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster* ^_^

There are few booth setting up in from of the spa house, let the beauty blogger can play some joyful games and know more about Kinohimitsu products and also win more Kinohimitsu bottle drinks :P

Colorful of Luau cupcakes served on that night too ^^
  There is a good foods served on that night, thanks for the caring to the guests ^_^

Source from Kinohimitsu.

**There is also a "Spin & Win" game to win more Kinohimitsu products and also the Grand Lucky Draw ! ^.^
Yah, I'm ready to play the Spin&Win game, One...Two...Three... start spin loh...
pleasesssssssssssssss, I wish to get the grand lucky draw ~ a big Kinohimitsu hamper.... (thinking in my mind) :P
Haiiiii, finally, I only get two Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink ~_~ 
Ermmm, is ok...better than nothing :)
There are many exclusive Lucky draw prize to be win in this Spin&Win Game ~ including variety type of Kino collagen drinks (like stemcell drinks Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink), seat pad, USB fan and also the Grand lucky draw hamper prize.

Now is the turn for Chtisty to play the "Spin&Win" game... and I always think that Christy might got the Lucky Draw Luck to win any great prize when each time she played it...
And Yes, She is one of the winner for winning the "Grand Lucky Draw" big hamper prize...

There's a beauty bar counter served plenty of nice mocktail drinks ~ 

This mocktail is blend with Kinohimitsu’s Japan Beauty Collagen Drink and the grape fruit juice.
The taste very good and I wish to drink more glasses, pleasssssss ^.^

Crowded...See all of us so excited to know the best dressed and also the Lucky draw grand prizes winners announcement. ^.^

Yeahhh...Congratulation to Christy !!! 
She is one of the Grand prize lucky draw winner ^0^

Congrats! one of the best dressed winner...  

She won the First prize of the Best Dressed. She do perform her Hawaiian dance on that night in the party.
She look so hot with her bikini and grass skirt when she showing off her Hawaiian dancing to all of us, ohohohoh @.@

Said Cheers......with Kinohimitsu fruit mocktail, very nice taste (^_^)V

Here all my Polaroid photo taken with the beauty blogger during the party, look nice right.... :D

Me with my beauty blogger friends, "Me, Silviana, Trislynn and Frankie" ^.^ 

Me with friendly Joanne ^.^
My uncle looks was so funny and make me wanner laugh when each time I saw it, muhahahaha (^00^)V

Thank you sponsor us the photobooth, let us can take a funny yet creative photo as many as we like during whole night in the party, I got the chance to take many funny photo with my pretty blogger friends here, hehehe....

Is the time to say good bye to the MC and also all the beauty blogger friends here ~_~...
A happy group photo to end this party :) we really have fun all the night in this party, Thank you  so much The Butterfly Project had organize such a good party to us^^

Kinohimitsu products are made of natural based ingredients which are free of preservatives, additives, colouring and hormones. It is 100% safe and manufactured under the most stringent quality standard with HACCP and Halal certification. Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster is available in a powder form of 30 sachets per box.
It is shelf stable at room temperature when sealed in its original package, and can be consumed directly or by mixing it with chilled water or any beverage except "Coffee and Tea" .

Kinohimitsu J'pan  Bio-Booster can be taken with other products from the brand as well. All offer safe, quick and effective remedies for both your beauty and health needs.
It is suitable for people above age of 6, especially for those who often has lacking of nutrients, Alcoholic drinker or weak digestive system problem. Because this healthy drink able to replenishing good bacteria and improving the immune system, and consequently to improve our digestion system for nutrient absorption.
When our body have a good nutrient absorption, it's will will given us a healthy strong body when our body able to absorb the needed nutrient.
Meaning this product very good for our healthy, it's also suitable consume by those has gastric problem and also those patient with minor illness.

 Felt so happyyyy we get to bring home so many box of free Kinohimitsu healthy drinks ! 
I got one box of Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster, one box of Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink Collagen, two bottle of Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink and two bottle of Kinohimitsu StemCell drinks.
Feeling great to try out all these beauty/healthy Kinohimitsu drinks. ^0^

 Let me said Big Thank you to the great organizer ~ *The Butterfly Project* and also all the great sponsors "Kinohimitsu" , "Vila Manja Spa" and also the "" given us so many great free sample to try and given us a very Fun Wednesday party night. 
We really learn a lot of the great beauty tips and also healthy knowledge through this party.
Looking forward`more more great workshop and party from *The Butterfly Project* we appreciate all your kind organized and invited, Thank you so much !!! ^0^

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