Monday, 10 February 2014

My * LOVE * story

^^@@**((Love is in the air with ~*Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur))**@@^^

Sharing my love story here and hope you all feel the happy and touching as well, enjoy reading ^.^
This is a story start from a group of friends gathering, I still remember we are invite by a friend to join a buffet gathering dinner.
That day actually have a tiny pimple on my nose, even it’s just small but make my nose redness and a little bit pain. This make me feel shy and talk less on that day.
During the lunch that was a tall guy called Keanu sitting beside me. This is our first meet and He keep chatting to me (may be is my pimple attract him to look at me than chat with me)…
Really unexpectedly he suddenly touch my pimple… Make me feel pain… Man!!! I feel like want scold him when he said “You can’t touch your nose these few days even your nose itch right?” (with smiling face and sound like teasing me) and my other friends heard it also laughing at there… but he continue said “this pimple sure make you pain right? I hope I could help you to shrink this pimple ” this make me feel little bit warm, hehehe…
After that, we got exchange phone number and he did ask my friend about my birthday (because my other friends they said want plan another gathering during my birthday).
At this time ~ A romantic song *Wonderful Tonight* by Eric Clapton was played out from the radio at this restaurant during our first meet.  While listened this song he continue chat with me a lot of funny thing that make me laughing till non-stop, I could heard his laughter and also my laughter and the rest of my friend’s laughter sound and also the song has become the background, this is really a happy, joyful yet memorable gathering dinner for me and him.
After this gathering, I have received his greeting message sometime and we do chat in phone frequent.
A week before my birthday I have received his call, he ask me how I celebrate my birthday? I told him that I might be stay home if no friend that remember my birthday on that day.
He still the same naughty, like to tease people and said “I think sure have people celebrate with you if you go work on your birthday and your colleagues still remember it” than come with laughing sound in the phone >_<
I replied: “ I know you purposely called me and tease me that I need stay at home during my birthday, hemmm…  , he continues said: “ Nola, that was just kidding with you, May I date you out for dinner? I just want to treat you a good foods during your birthday?”
I tease him back “ Are you serious? Later you ask me treat you… “ . He: “ I have said I want treat you a good foods sure the bill is on me, don’t worry Shannie,  as long as you free and willing to come out dinner with me on the day you’re available”…
so I said “OK” and told him that I want try the dinner buffet at  c, KL … (^.^)V
He soon to book a table to have dinner with me at Makan Kitchen restaurant, we have a blissful and wonderful dinner during our first date, Thanks  Makan Kitchen provide us variety choice of delicious foods with a comfortable nice environment, make all people become closer and feeling loves.
From a group of gathering become two person dinner, this is really a lovely fate that given by God!  Let’s cherish every moment at every stage of our journey together. 

Love is in the Air!!! Wish all the lovely couple *Happy Valentine* Let’s enjoy the wonderful love moment at *Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, for sure Doubletree Hilton will also make you *Wonderful Tonight* with it’s delicious foods served, best service and also the romantic environment with romantic songs too … 

song link ~  ^_^

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