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The Journey 《一路有你》

Don't judge the movie by it's poster...

The Journey :-
Director    ~ Chiu Keng Guan
Father       ~ Uncle Frankie Sai Peng As (Uncle Chuan)
Daughter   ~ Joanne Yew Hong Im As (Bee - Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2007)
Son in law ~ Ben Andrew Pfeiffer As (Benji)
(Ben Andrew Pfeiffer is an actor and director based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a graduate of the prestigious Victorian College Of The Arts)

Heart Warming Family Comedy


Release Date
30 Jan 2014

I am sure many of you have already watched Woohoo (2010) and Great Day (2011) during this CNY. Those two movies have been a phenomenal success and both of them were directed by director Chiu Keng Guan. After the long wait, Chiu finally returns with his upcoming work, “The Journey一路有你 which is set to be released in cinema on 30th January 2014, marking the completion of his Astro CNY trilogy films. 

From what I see that this movie just showing some simple picture there have a English man ride a bike with an old man behind him, that a big hot air balloon as the background of this poster...
It's look simple right? not like other poster that have showing all the famous actor's big faces to attract you go in cinema to watch it...
I believe everyone also will take a look at the poster before decided to watch that movie, so when saw the poster have our famous or preference actors, normally will feel interest to watch it...don't you agreed?... ^.^

I'm was actually followed my friends go to watch this movie when almost all the CNY movies has finished watched by us.

The director actually have a very good idea to film this movie with a very touching script ... it's talk about the generation gap between the Father in Law and the Son in law, both come from different country, different race and different culture... their thinking and lifestyle may different too...
However they try to become a tolerant yet caring person to empathize and understanding both cultural and respect each other own lifestyle and religion just because they also love their daughter and wife and not to put their daughter or wife in hard situation because of their gap.
However they finally did it, they try to understand each other's religion, thinking and cultural than the important things is they really know how to respect each other and become one family at last.

I personally like the storyline very much because it's able to touch my heart and the actor look so natural with their acting skill even most of them are new actor in this movie except the Guy actor "Ben Andrew Pfeiffer" he is stage actor before so can see he is quite experience actor in this movie, all his face reaction and emotion are very lively and good acting skill.

This movie did introduce some big cultural celebration like "Pai Ti Kong" at Penang , Chingay Parade in Johor Bahru and also show the beautiful Cameron Highlands view in this movie.

Don't wait this movie close down in cinema, faster bring your families go watch it and I'm sure it will also given touching and warm feeling to you and your family.

I will given the 4star rate out of 5star of this move. the one star may be I will said that the actor might have more improvement for their acting skills since most of them quiet new and they skill also not good as good like those experience actors. 
However, overall the comments and feedback for this movie is *Good* and I will recommend this nice movie to my relatives and friends too because it's really make me feel touching after watched it. ^_^

Storyline : ~

The Journey is a cross-continental story that explores the idea of culture, not just as tradition but as an expression of love. This is a sincere, heartwarming and relatable film that touches on general local issues such as cultural differences, compromise, mutual acceptance,  language barrier, old friendship and family.
#Ah Bee (Joanna Yew Hong Im) returns to Malaysia from England with her Caucasian fiance, Benji (Ben Andrew Pfeiffer) for the first time since young to pay her father, Chuan (Lee Sai Peng), and to hopefully receive his blessing for the marriage. The young couple find it more difficult than initially expected to please the stubborn Chuan, who's old-fashioned and conservative, strict with Chinese traditional customs. #

光看 “The Journey一路有你” 的宣传海报,会让人觉得有点沉闷,不像以往我们看到很多电影的海报都是用亮眼鲜艳的大明星大头照来吸引我们看那一部电影。

如果大家也能像他们那样,互相的包容,互相尊重,那么世界就会充满了爱 ~ ^.^

值得一提的是,这部电影还有介绍到本地“金马伦” 美丽的风景,还有sabah的漂亮岛屿,可以为国家推荐美丽旅游胜地。 

有趣和温馨的电影情节,实实在在的感动了每一个观众,我看到有些 Uncle 在抹他的眼镜,可能也被感动了吧 ^.^
***还没看的朋友,快快带你的家人一起观去看这部非常温馨的  ~ *全民电影* 吧 !

我个人觉得这是一部不错的电影,会给予 4粒星如果5粒星是满分的话。
剩下 的 1 粒星,我会给评语为 ~ 由于这部戏里,除了男演员是舞台剧的演员外,其余大多数的演员都是新人,所以他们的演技都有进步的空间。

*无论如何,这部戏的故事大纲非常有意识且创新,还有Benji 学着半咸不淡的福建话和马来文,真的让观众笑翻天,最特别莫过于这部电影的片尾曲,超有意识哦!

*进戏院看吧,它会让你有意想不到的惊喜,欢乐与感动哦 ! ^0^ 

Watch the Trailer here : -

Sharing the nice main title song for this movie... I'm love it so much...

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