Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Sakae Sushi ~ *Launches New Menu*

I have a very great Saturday on (23rd July 2014) and it is my honor to be invited by Hungry Go Where (HGW) and Sakae Sushi to celebrate Sakae Sushi new menu launch in One Utama Shopping Centre. 

Upon my arrival, I have been warm welcome by Sakae Marketing Manager, Ms. June and her team. And I would like to thank you Ms. Yi Ling from HGW for this food review gathering. There are 4 persons being invited and we have greet each other and then we have been lead to a table to be seated.

I have been serving with hot " Honey Jujube Genmai Tea " (you can choose Hot / Cold), the taste is sweet and refreshing. Then Ms. June started to have a short introduction for Sakae Sushi.
 Cold Honey Jujube Genmai Tea

    Hot Honey Jujube Genmai Tea

About Sakae Sushi

With 26 outlets in Malaysia, its green frog logo has become a familiar, welcome sight. Synonymous with a fun-filled, value for money dining experience, this popular kaiten sushi-concept restaurant offers a delectable variety of quality Japanese specialties including sushi, sashimi, yakimono, agemono, tempura, Japanese noodles (ramen, soba and udon), gohan, and teishoku. To safeguard the highest standards of freshness and quality, Sakae Sushi sources ingredients from top suppliers around the world and maintains stringent food safety and hygiene standards.

All Sakae Sushi outlets are furnished with a contemporary, stylish and comfortable ambience ideal for a pleasant meal with family members, friends or loved ones. Diners can also enjoy unparalleled convenience, thanks to innovative user-friendly features such as interactive menu screens at every table and individual hot water taps. Sakae’s patented interactive menu system, touted as the fastest food ordering system, allows customers to browse through menu pages using the iPad and send orders of their favourite dishes directly to the kitchen while keeping a tab on their bill. The result is quick service that’s just a touch away. For freshly steeped tea anytime, customers can just use the unique piped in hot water taps that is built into each table – a handy and convenient feature pioneered by Sakae Sushi.

Sakae Sushi's success and popularity transcends geographical boundaries. Besides Malaysia, Sakae is also in Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, USA and Vietnam, so you can enjoy its hospitality and value for money Japanese food in different corners of the world. In the years to come, Sakae Sushi is set on reaching out to more new markets and further reinventing the way Japanese food is enjoyed. Quality, innovation and enjoyment - these are indeed the hallmarks of the brand and lasting impressions that Sakae Sushi desires every customer to leave with.

After the introduction, the first menu, " Sashimi Mori Zen " (7 kinds) has been ready for my tasting. The outlook is mouthwatering and it has variety sashimi which I can taste. All is fresh and juicy, I especially like the ocean-fresh salmon and tuna.
Sashimi Mori Zen

Next, we will taste " Wafu Salad ". It consists of avocado, lotus root, raisin and vegetables with wafu dressing. The Wafu Salad shine the Sakae Sushi ‘farm to table’ philosophy, the vegetable it is so fresh and taste like just pick from the farm. 

Really feel like wanted to ask June, it's Sakae have it's own vegetable farm to provide all these fresh veges? ^_^

Wafu Salad

We have a short chit chat time before serving the next menu. During the sharing, I heard my stomach is roaring while we discuss about the nice foods topic. The next meal is Salmon Festival, “ Aburi Salmon Maki ” and “ Salmon Zukushi ”. This is my first time in my life that I can taste all kind of Salmon sushi, It's really " OISHII !!!  I have to say sorry to my “weight control program” as I have to stop for 1 day. All the sushi is well organize and it show us the love of the Sushi Shifu (the sushi rice is added with Vitamin E oil which it's good for our skin and also good for immune system). Aligato and Gambate Master. 

Aburi Salmon Maki

                 Salmon Zukushi

After taste all the Salmon plate, the next menu is “ Yaki Corn Tempura ” is a juicy grilled corn with tempura. It is very special which you hardly found at another sushi bar. I enjoy the crispy and crunchy bite feel.
Yaki Corn Tempura

I love all the previously serve foods but next menu " Hotate Mentaiyaki " is today challenge for me. I seldom eat scallops but surprisingly it's no fishy and the combination grilled scallops with creamy codfish roe mayonnaise made the taste evolve to another level. Of course, one is enough for me. The rest I give it to my partner KeaNu boy who really scallops/Sushi big fans.
 Hotate Mentaiyaki

Until now, I have been tasted 6 menu and June told us there are more to come. I am so impressive with the quality foods that provide to us. I started to feel my stomach is abit full but I told myself, the best foods was continuous coming soon. So, I must keep on tasting the next menu and guess what. “ Goma Soft Shell Crab Cha Soba ” is my favorite food of the day. The buckwheat noodle with sesame dressing is so delicious plus the crispy soft shell crab which has fire up my desire for more. Pity KeaNu boy, I have take all his Soba.

Goma Soft Shell Crab Cha Soba
Coming up next is " Smoked Kamo Nabe ", tantalising hotpot combination of tender smoked duck with mushrooms and vegetables in clear broth. I like the combination, it's look so tempting hot pot and the smoked duck taste Tender and sweet, I should have ask a bowl of rice to pair with this tasty duck soup .

Smoked Kamo Nabe

If you have a children and wondering what can be eat at Sakea Shusi. Here is the good menu for your beloved child. A lovely kid meal " Fire Engine " which serve chicken teriyaki, mini prawn tempura, smiley potato fried, assorted vegetables and steamed rice. Do not forget to order a specially made Ice Cream after meal.
Fire Engine

After taste all the good foods, sure need to order the special made Ice-cream dessert, there have variety flavor of ice-cream that offer in Sakae, the new launch ice-cream flavor is " Miso Ice Cream " (Luscious indulgence blended with the distinctive flavor of miso and topped with bonito flakes.)
This look really special as we all only have taste a lot of Miso soup, do any of you eat Miso Ice cream before?
I can tell you the taste was good and you should try this too when you dine in at Sakae later. ^_^ 
Miso Ice Cream
Besides the Miso Ice Cream, June was so kind to order other good recommended desserts for us to taste also.

Seaweed flavor ice-cream, special made for Seaweed lover, it not so sweet and the taste just nice for me ^_^ 

Green Tea Ice-cream topping with red bean, another great taste of Ice-cream. 

Black Sesame Ice-Cream

Choco Monaka Jumbo ~ which come with
waffles, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream!

 Seaweed ice-cream

After the food tasting, we have the opportunity to take photo with the " Sakae Green Frog " it's look so cute the big big Sakae frog ^0^
*Sakae Sushi * is so kind to give each of us a valuable goodie bag. I am feel so happy to attend *Sakae Sushi * new menu launch and hope to attend more food review again in the future. 
Big * THANK YOU * to * Hungry Go Where * and *Sakae Sushi * for the very delightful treats on that night.  

My Lovely goodies bags, thank you so much for all the lovely gift souvenir (the "Sakae Ocha cup" come with "Genmaicha" Green Tea Bags, the cute cute "Sakae Flog dolls"...especially all the "cash vouchers coupon") I love it so muchhhhh, appreciate all of these... ^0^

Yes, Now *Sakae Sushi * is offer a very great 50% discount for some of these selected new menu, let you can be the first to try out all these delicious new menu with a good price.
let's bring your family to taste all these great and fresh Sushi foods together to enjoy the quality family time at *Sakae Sushi *.

(This new menu promotion till 15 September 2014, valid for dine-in only with minimum spend of RM60 in a single receipt. Discounted price is applicable on selected new menu items only and discount given varies for each dish. Each discounted item can only be ordered once per transaction and no splitting of bills or table allowed. All price are subject to prevailing service charge and government tax.)

For more information, please do not hesitate to click the link below, let's enjoy great *Sakae Sushi * foods with your family members and friends too, thank you. ^_^



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  2. Nice review. Scallop is yummy, how come u dun like huh Lol

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  4. Hi Elana, yah, because I scare the fishy but the SaKae foods all is fresh and no any fishy, make it so natural and good taste :)