Monday, 6 October 2014

ifeel cover girl search 2014

又来到一年一度的 “ ifeel cover girl search 2014” 你们有参与了吗?
以我所见,今年的总决赛的Cover girls个个的条件都很好,样子更不用说,个个青春洋溢,貌美如花,样子甜美。


接下来,就是Cover Girls 们自我介绍的环节。

之后就是Cover Girls 需要拿出自家的本领来呈现在才艺表演环节中。
一号Cover Girl率先表演她拿手的魔术表演,非常精彩,看得观众目瞪口呆,值得掌声。
二号Cover Girl就表演打鼓,她的熟稔打鼓经验配合歌曲也让观众惊喜。
接着有些 Cover Girl 也表演舞蹈和歌唱,个个漂亮也才华洋溢真的让评审头疼了,以个个的条件都很好,真的很难选嘢...

ifeel 在现场也有设立柜台,让观众和ifeel 粉丝可购买ifeel 杂志。
*** 在当天购买ifeel 杂志还可得到很多丰富也具价值的礼品,物超所值的礼品呀!

“可支持你的Cover Girls, 也可拥有你爱不释手的Ifeel 杂志,更可拿到那么多丰富礼品,哪有不支持这一年一度盛大的 ifeel cover girl search 呢?

我在现场拍了一些Cover Girls 照片,看看下你的心水佳丽是哪一位。。。

如果你错过了今年的 ifeel cover girl search 盛会, 可以看看我以下的照片, 然后记得明年一定要到指定的地点去支持ifeel cover girl search 2015 呀,别再错过啦 ! ^_^

If you free, please stop by at Berjaya Time Square shopping mall located at LG Concourse area for the * iFeel Girl Search 2014!*

The venue was crowded with ifeel fans and the audience, the hottest cover girl's talent performance make it more happening for this event. 

Judges was started to giving mark base on the cover girl's talent performance, their personality and also their overall performance in the stage at this finale round.

Head over to Berjaya Time Square to support all these beauty yet talent ifeel cover girls and also buy your latest favorite ifeel magazine in the ifeel booth that setup at the LG Concourse area, because you can redeem the goodies bag with alot of valuable freebies inside, only for today.

*If you have missed out this year ifeel cover girl search, than remember buy their magazine and mark your date to attend their next year ifeel cover girl search 2015 yah !

This is the once a year bigger ifeel cover girl search carnival party that you couldn't miss out so try to keep your eyes in their page or magazine to receive the latest updated news/events in order to attend this.


  1. Wah.... so many items in the goodies bag! Enjoy....

  2. wow fun days for the gals, check out my blog got award for you.

    1. Hi T.H, I have follow your blog, mine to follow back my this humble blog? Thanks for your comment here :)