Wednesday, 3 December 2014

It's was our lucky and graceful Saturday because we get chosen and invited by Sunway Pyramid to attend the Tea party with Linda Chung ^0^

I believe most of you know who is she... (Linda is the one of the TVB famous actress from Hong Kong)  
We feel so excited and can't wait to meet her soon !!!

It’s been quite a while since Linda has been to Malaysia. There, she has used her spokesperson title to help promote Bio-Essence's Bio Spring Water on last year.

This time she come here same as the Bio-Essence spokesperson to promote the " Bio-essence TANAKA WHITE DoubleWhiteningSeries "

I want to share some of our nice taking photos during the Tea party that held at Delicious cafe @Sunway Pyramid.

Registration counter setup early to let the media, guest and fans to register and wait for the superstar.

There are crowded with super fans in front of the Delicious entrance to wait for the Super Star Linda before start the media press/Tea party.

She look Gorgeous and start with a simple introduction that informed the fans about her new drama, “Tiger Cubs 2”, and "All That is Bitter is Sweet", has been start airing in Astro.

After that she has promote and list out the variety of benefits for " Bio-essence TANAKA WHITE DoubleWhiteningSeries " to the media and fans.

Bio-essence TANAKA WHITE Double Whitening Series contains tree bark extract which is a traditional whitening and cooling secret used to maintain skin fairness and coolness, blocking out harmful UV rays under the hot sun.

Tanaka Extract
Functions as a natural sunscreen protection against harmful UV rays, hydrates skin and locks in moisture. With it's excellent moisturizing and cooling properties, Tanaka extract prevents skin dryness and reduces wrinkles, skin feels cool and refreshed!

A skin de-pigmentation agent derived from bearberry plant that fades and eliminates pigmentations and improves overall skin complexion.Brightens dull skin and evens out skin tone for a youthful and radiant complexion.

Tranexamic Acid
A highly effective whitening ingredient which curbs the production of melanin to prevent dark spots from forming at its sourceand fights against all types of spots, maintaining skin's natural fairness and radiance, It significantly improves dull skin tone for a fair complexion.

Kojic Acid
A natural skin whitening and anti-bacterial ingredient that providesanti-oxidation effect to lighten freckles and pigmentations, for a fairer and more even skin tone.

I have copy her slogan that show in her Tanaka White's advertisement poster and video.

" With 4X Anti-Dark Fighters Total Fairness Inside-Out, you will win back Total Fairness in just 4Days* to combat dark spots and even flaeless skin tone to reveal flawless and luminous skin ".
Linda Chung
International Artiste, Spoke person for Bio-essence

Me and my friend Sherry and Elana enjoyed the foods in the Tea party after took photo with Linda (^_^)

Small cake that stick with Bio-essence Tanaka White card deco, look cute right? ^_^

Sunway Pyramid has prepare the nice hi-tea foods for all of the media and guest in the delicious cafe.

I would like to take this opportunity to say * THANK YOU * to all the great sponsors like * Sunway Pyramid * , * Bio-essence *, * Delicious Cafe * for organize this fans meetup Tea party with Linda Chung so only we could have the great chance to see her in person and also enjoy the nice foods together.

Appreciate it and hope to have more this kind of invite to attend any great events again that held at Sunway Pyramid in the future ^0^


  1. A very good memorable experiences. :D

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