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Mamee Chef - Malacca Factory Visit

First and foremost I would like to thank you *Nuffnang* for their generous offer and invitation to attend the "Mamee Chef - Malacca Factory Visit" one day trip event.

Here the detail of the trip : ~
Venue (Meet-up point): Mamee Double Decker (M) Berhad
Lot 793, Persiaran Subang Indah,
Off Persiaran Subang,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Meet-up time: 7.30am (Bus leaves at 9am)
Event duration: 9am to 4pm
Dress code: Casual.

You may get more great deals/promotion or any latest information about Mamee products at here : ~

Nowadays, people are too busy with their work so they often do not have time to make a meal. Therefore, instant noodles have appeared as a delicious solution because they are fast, easy, and cheap.
Mamee was understand all our consumer need and try to produce variety of instant foods like instant cup noodles, chips, snacks, juice, and also the Mamee’s new Mamee Chef line of premium instant noodles.
If you cooked it with veges, eggs or any choice of dish that your preference, instant noodle can become a delicious meal . ^_^
The "Mamee Chef Curry Laksa" has being rated as Top 10 Best Instant Noodle in the world for year 2014 by . is own by Ramen Rater that he based in US has reviewed over 1,200+ different type of instant noodle. In his recent posting, he has included " Mamee Chef " in his annual top 10 best instant noodle in the world for year 2014.
Let's see how Mamee factory produce their famous and best selling instant noodle " Mamee Chef " instant noodle that newly launch to market recently.
From here... you can see their making process in details and get to know more about your favorite instant noodle " Mamee Chef " !
Let's get start to see my photo and some simple description and
 hope you all enjoy reading it yah ^_^

For me, normally I will try to reach any events/workshop venue on the time or may be late for 10-15min and also need to see or depend on the traffic situation on the event day itself.
This Saturday morning was quite smooth the traffic ... ^.^ so I able to reach the Meet-up point  "Mamee Double Decker" on 8am for registration at the counter and still got time to chit chat with other friends while waiting for other blogger members those that still on their way to here.    

Around 9am, " Nuffnang " staff start to divided us in to two group with the color name tag and mark the attendance after the registration.
We are divided with four color tag, which orange, green, yellow and red.
Both team will than follow and guide by one Lead in all our trip.
So I'm being put to orange color and will same bus with those red color name tag members.
Here the two group " Yellow" will sit with "Green" color name tag members in "Bus 2"
And "Orange" will sit with "Red" color name tag members in "Bus 1" 

Pinky is a pretty lady that represent "Mamee" , she has briefly introduce to us about the itinerary/detail of this Mamee Chef day trip. Introduce abit the background of Mamee Double Decker Bhd that how it's business growth origins from Melaka.

Each of us given some bottle of water and also one potato chips that can be eat during the 2hour bus journey to Melaka.

The two bus was arrived at around 11.30am like that, saw all the blogger members felling excited here ^.^

Yes, we are here to visit the bigger " Mamee " main factory soon ! (^_^)V

*Mamee Double Decker Bhd* going to be Global ! Proudly sponsor of Manchester United Ltd., the record 19-time English soccer champion, has sign a sponsorship deal with Malaysian snacks maker Mamee Double Decker Bhd.
See above the nice and cool posted that painted on their wall at the entrance of the factory. 

Me with the nice design of "Mamee Chef  noodle" poster ^_^

The demonstration workshop about to be start...

Mamee Double Decker Bhd given all the blogger guest a bottle of their fruit juice called " Lite Yo ".
Mamee enters fruit juice drink market ~ "Mamee’s Cheers and Lite Yo yoghurt drink "
Launched on Dec 9, the drink marks Mamee Double Decker Beverage’s maiden foray into the fruit juice drink market.
“The juice market is growing globally in line with the healthy lifestyle and wellness trend."
The taste was good and fresh to given us good energy in the morning.

This workshop start by Sham Mee, Mamee Marketing Manager give the speech and briefly introduce about the Background of  Mamee Double Decker Bhd and of course to introduce some of the important person for this Mamee group.

They have invited the Famous Ramen master from China to demonstrate the skillful steps for how to make the quality Ramen with her hand to all the blogger visitor. 

See how her skillful steps in order to hand made a very smooth and quality Ramen in front all of us.
Here to highlighted that the " Mamee Double Decker Bhd " always using the best quality of flour and other good ingredient to produce their instant noodle and snack products.

Photo catching time while looking to the interesting demonstration workshop.

Ramen master she has done her handmade " soft and elastic texture " Mamee Ramen" .
Group photo taken with the Mamee Double Decker Bhd's Chairman *Dato Pang Chin Hin* a very friendly person and this can see from his smiling face to all of us during the workshop.

After done made the noodle and sure is to prepare the ingredient before start to cook the ramen.
Here is the ingredient that prepared by the cooker ~ Curry powder, sambal, curry leaf, ginger, garlic, dry chilli and some small Onion.. 

She start to cook with add some oil to hot pan, swirling to coat all sides. Heat oil until hot and put in all the ingredient and stir it for few min and put in the Ramen and stir it together until 3min like that.
It's done cooked and can put on plate wait for the taste for everyone later.
We can smell it while waiting for the cooking process, and the good smell really make us feel hungry and can't wait to try it ! ^_^

After watching the Ramen demonstration workshop, here come to the important visit, which our Nuffnang lead and Pinky will bring us to visit their Production department which located in 2nd floor of the factory.

A noodle making process is composed of mixing, Rolling, Slitting, Steaming, Cutting, Frying, Cooling, and Packing processes. For uniform products, the roller gap in the rolling process needs to keep the uniform thickness of dough sheets in spite of different kinds of raw materials. In this paper, we propose a rolling process automation using a their unique machine to contribute to process standardization by transferring from tacit knowledge of skilled workers to explicit knowledge. 

By rolling out the dough sheet once or more after the powdered oil is applied to the dough sheet, the powdered oil is firmly fixed to the dough sheet so as to get into the dough sheet by the rolling-out performed after the application of the powdered oil. Therefore, the oil melted during the steaming is prevented from dropping off from the noodle strings without achieving the effect of adequately coating the surfaces of the noodle strings. Thus, the high effect is obtained. Since particles of the powdered oil get into the surfaces of the noodles by the rolling-out, minute depressions and projections are formed on the surfaces of the noodles.

Noodle slitting is doing by a cutting machine, which is equipped with a pair of rolls, a slitter, and a cutter. The final dough sheet thickness is set on the rolls according to noodle type and measured using a thickness dial gauge. Noodle width determines the size of noodle slitter to be use. 

Here come to the steaming method is wherein the noodle dough is partially gelatinized by steaming after being formed into a sheet by rolling.

A process for manufacturing a dry instant-noodles product comprising steaming or boiling noodle strings that have been cut out of a dough, transporting said strings on a net conveyor, and applying air, an inert gas or a mixture thereof to said strings from both above and below so as to expand and dry them; wherein the air, inert gas or mixture thereof is controlled to have an elevated temperature of around 100°. and supplied from a separate high-pressure compartment at high speed through spray nozzle tubes provided both above and below said net conveyor.

The final dough sheet thickness is set on the rolls according to noodle type and measured using a thickness dial gauge. The sheet is cutting into noodle strands of desired width with a slitter. Noodles square. Noodle strands are cuts into a desirable length by a cutter. Making instant noodles, noodle strands are wave before steaming and cutting.

Frying process. This process is to removing moisture from the noodles by frying them in oil at a high temperature. This method makes it possible to dehydrate the noodles almost completely. Moreover, it has the added advantage of leaving countless minuscule holes on the surface, making it easier for the noodles to rehydrate when steeped in hot water.

Before packaging with seasoning, the noodles are cooled after drying, and its quality of moisture, color, and shape are checked.

The processing effect the same as in the first inventive aspect is obtainable by dispersing the powdery or granular seasonings, etc. mentioned above, which may be fixed simultaneously on the strings of noodles, as the thermal caking component or the edible oil will be caked or dissolved extremely rapidly and uniformly in heating and solidifying on the surface of the strings of noodle immediately by the cooling after the heating.

The important and fundamental principles of packaging technology are to protect, to preserve, to
contain and to inform. Principally, the purpose of packaging is to contain and protect a product throughout its distribution and sale.
Instant noodle packaging material is named flexible packaging. Like plastic, flexible packaging is everywhere. 
Done all the Rolling, Slitting, Steaming, Cutting, Frying, Cooling, and finally come to the Packing process.

There are two forms of packaged instant noodles, one in a bag with the provided seasoning in small sachets inside, or in a cup with seasoning on the top of the noodles. There are three flavors to the Mamee Chef noodles depending on which ones are added to the seasoning. Such flavors include chicken, Laksa and Tom Yam comes with a pre-packed condiment. There are different condiments for different flavours such as prawns, bite-sized tofu, shiitake mushrooms and dehydrated vegetables.
After cooling, the noodles are placed in styrofoam cups for the instant cup noodle and flavoring is added. 
etc. In instant noodle cups, dried chillies, sweet corn and dehydrated vegetables are often added for further flavor.
The cup design containers are microwave-able and all are In-Mold Labeling with Mamee brand graphics design.

For the Mamee snacks are placed to Tubs and Mamee chips are placed to plastic that follow by it's own packaging designs.

These are the Mamee Double Decker and Mamee Chef were being presented with few recognition and few awards.
*Mamee Chef Curry Laksa rated Top 10 best Instant Noodle in the World for year 2014 by
*Putra Brand Awards Bronze Recipient 2014 under Food Stuff Category.
*Frost and Sullivan Malaysia Excellent Awards Recipient.

As usual, Mamee Double Decker is very particulars about having their products certified as Halal.
Apart from obtaining the halal certification for the products and operational premises; Halalan Toyiban has been granted to Mamee Double Decker due to adhering to the industry best practices in maintaining the highest standard of quality and hygiene in food production.

*That mean Mamee Double Decker always produced quality foods and beverage products that certified as Halal and everyone can enjoy together.

Thanks for the tasty lunch provided to the visitor guests by Mamee Double Decker.
We have the chance to try the Malaka famous food ~ chicken rice ball as our lunch on that day.
I'm especially like the Green Tea cake and all these foods was cooked by Mamee Double Decker own Chef.

Finished our tasty lunch that follow by our 2nd visit to *Mamee Jonker House* that located Jonker walk Melaka.
We have Steven to give us the introduction about the  *Mamee Jonker House*
*Mamee Jonker House* opened in November 2013, it is the brand’s first concept store after 40 years of being a leading household name for children’s snacks. The store has a predominantly modern design of white tiles and glass shelves that is complemented with dark wood furniture and some nice melaka traditional design.
*Mamee Jonker House* offers a lot of fun activities for visitors with young children or even for those who want to relive their childhood memories. All their fun activities is suitable for whole families to join as well. 
For sure to give your children and your family a memorable fun visit trip here.

All the blogger visitor has the chance to visit the " Lil Monster Kitchen " and also join their very fun "Noodle Doodle" workshop to customized and make a personalized own design of Mamee cup noodle.
Firstly we have given the empty  Mamee cup noodle and with some colour highlighted pen.
So we can write any words and draw any pictures according to our preference own design.

After done designed nicely and creatively our own Mamee cup noodle that we need go to the condiments adding station to choose our flavor.
We may need to follow the step by step to get to adding our flavoring choices.

Step 1: Place PP cup into the slot.

Step 2: Choose 4 choices of condiments.
There are six choices of condiments " sweet corn, dried chillies, dried carrots, dried green beans, dried chives and dehydrated cabbage.

Step 3: Lidding station and we just need to press the green button to make the up noodle lidded with the nice cover by the machine. 

Step 4: Wrapping and
Step 5: Shrink Wrapping
Wrapping with the Plastic wrap to keep them fresh over a longer period of time and also for hygiene purpose.

Step 6: Your Mamee cup noodle is ready/ Done ^_^
I done my customized with own personalizes style Mamee cup noddle and feel excited to bring back this lovely souvenir with my signature for my dear to see later. (^_^)V

Another good place to highlighted in *Mamee Jonker House* is their "Mamee cafe" at the main entrance floor that allow visitor to take a good rest and good lunch at here, with provided the comfortable air-conditioning environment to the customer and you must also try their very owe special recipe food that cooked by their Mamee own Chef here.
Some nice foods I would like to highly recommend to my friends and reader here because the taste was really good and I'm sure it's  could increase your appetite for Asian foods cravings.   
The cafe food menu like ~ "Mamee Creamy Tom Yam Flavour Noodles", "Mamee Mee Goreng", "Mamee Mamee curry laksa" and etc...of course there do selling the Mamee beverage drinks as well like "Lite Yo" and other other Cafe Latte and carbonate drinks.
Their clean and well decorated become one of the attraction reason too. 

I'm really felt enjoyed and have fun during the Mamee Chef Day out...
Feel happy to keep playing around and taking photo with cute Giant Mamee monster and the nice giant cup noodle decoration too.
All the decoration was very nice designed in the *Mamee Jonker House* make it become tourist attractions as well.
Like the Mamee monster, it's has many cute poses when taking photo with it. ^_^

We really have fun on this Saturday ~ " "Mamee Chef - Malacca Factory Visit (PPP)" trip.

Thank you so much the generous invitation from *Nuffnang* and also kind treats from the Mamee Double Decker the good and clear explanation/introduction about their factory background, the noodle production making and of course the nice goodies and foods provided to all of us during our visit.

Looking forward more kind invitation from *Nuffnang* again and also wish Mamee Double Decker could continue produce more and more good quality instant foods or beverage products to consumer and wish their business grow profitably and widen to Global soon.   

Thank you very much for all the good foods, good souvenir and good treats to me during this day out, I'm really appreciate it. ^_^  


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