Sunday, 15 June 2014

** XIXILI ** - Spring/Summer 2014 intimates closet "A Night In Gotham" fashion Show

Congratulation " 10th Anniversary " to *XIXILI* has turns 10♥ in this year.

Let's Celebrate with *XIXILI* in this warming April to catch their very great and exclusive fashion show in live!

The fashion show named it with *XIXILI*  ~ A Night In Gotham* - the most sultry and sexy lingerie show highlighting XIXILI best-sellers through the decade.

XIXILI had just launched their nice Spring/Summer 2014 collections during the fashion week about two weeks ago at Mid Valley Megamall, Centre Court.
I'm glad to be invited to attend this awesome fashion show to witness their very grand 10th anniversary celebration at MidValley.

Thank you for the wonderful design of bra collection to all of us *XIXILI* big fans" in the last ten years and hope to attend and celebrate again many many more *XIXILI* anniversaries with all the XIXILI customer/fans/members and XIXILI team too in future.

*XIXILI* ~ A Night in Gotham* ~ A fashion show that you do not want to miss it! ^_^
For those has missed this, you still can see the nice photos in my blog because I have took some of the nice photos during the fashion show event and wanted to share it to all of you, especially XIXILI fans here!

Let's celebrating * XIXILI 10th Anniversary * together with a spectacular fashion show in Mid Valley Megamall, Centre Court on that graceful night. ^_^

Date: 17th April 2014
Venue: Mid Valley Megamall, Centre Court

XIXILI Bra Art Visual Display with message "Each time a woman stand up for herself, She stand up for all Women". A collaboration with Artist Louise Low Seok Loo, one of Malaysia's top 10 Female Visual Artists.

Thanks for the delicious foods that provided to all the invited guest.
The waitress will refill the foods and drink to bring out to the event hall, this could let the guest to enjoy the nice foods and drink while enjoying the show.

The Midvalley Mall was surrounded by crowded XIXILI Fans before the show started.

There have a surprise for the guest !!! A tough Man appear with a beautiful cake on the stage and given birthday wishes to *XIXILI* wishing *XIXILI* have a very great and magnificent 10th Anniversary and looking forward more and more anniversary to come in future...

He was than sang a birthday song together with all the fans to given the best wishes to *XIXILI* in the wonderful night.

XIXILI 10th Anniversary celebration 'A Night in Gotham' with renowned electric violinist Dennis Lau for the opening show ! ^_^

It's lucky draw session, the Emcee has invited XIXILI Intima chairman Dato’ Tan Boon Pun come up to the stage to draw the lucky phone number from the glass box and than the Emcee will called the lucky fans come up to the stage to play the "Q&A" session to get the chance to win any one one of the lucky draw prizes than sponsor by all these great sponsors ~ " Orex Travel, Hard Rock Hotel Penang, ARIMINO, Body Perfect, Murad, Strip Kuala Lumpur, The Aims Academy and of course include the main BIG sponsor * XIXILI *to held this great lucky draw session and also this fantastic fashion show.

I believe is my birthday month *April* brings me a lucky draw luck...
I was really feel shock when the pretty host called me up to the stage and I also successfully answer correct the question and become one of the *Lucky Winner* in this awesome XIXILI fashion show night on that day...

That's really made my birthday month more memorable after attended XIXILI 10th Anniversary such a great and joyful event!
Thank you so much for the lovely lucky draw prize as it may become my birthday present too because I got it the day after my birthday...
I'm really fell Happiesssssss, big Thank you to *XIXILI* ^0^


  1. wow!!! :P

  2. haha really your lucky month. nice post... :)