Sunday, 29 June 2014

* Movie Date with Darlie ~ Transformers: Age of Extinction *

How is your Saturday and weekend? Hope you all also had a fun and joyful weekend like me too.

I am very honoured indeed to have been invited to attend the exclusive movie day with my partner and also *Darlie* Team too.

Thank you *Darlie* extend their private invitation to me so that I got the change to watch this awesome movie "Transformers: Age of Extinction" with all the *Darlie* management, media and also the *Darlie* loyalty fans. 

Besides the free movie tickets, they do prepare the drinks and popcorn vouchers to all the guest as well, such a caring and generous sponsors. (^_^)

I believe that many of you have been watching this movie, for those haven't watch yet, please heading to your nearer cinema to watch this movie because this is really good storyline, good script, good actors, especially the good film shooting location was at " China " , " Hong Kong " and also " Texas " for this episode, of course the most impressive is all the awesome * Transformers Robots * with the few branded cars and also advance battleship in this movie. 
Actually I just came back from * Texas * during my US trip on last month and still very misses the big big beautiful field at * Texas * ... ^-^
I wish to visit this beautiful big city again in the future ... (^0^)

Just to say this is the really Awesome movie that you couldn't missed out to watch in this month !
Don't wait it's take down the show time than feel regret that not go to watch it in the cinema because I bet you all will get inspire with the advance technology with amazing explosion effects and sensational action movie that worth you all to watch it in the cinema instead of watch it at home.

If you haven't watch yet, please head on over to your nearer cinema to catch this best movie * Transformers: Age of Extinction * while the show time still available in some of the cinemas ........
There are few famous Hong Kong actor and actress also special appearance in  this move like "BingBing Li", Michael Wong (act as Hong Kong Police Chief )  and Ray Lui (act as Motorcycle Owner)

Directed by: Michael Bay  
Writing Credits: Ehren Kruger 

Optimus Prime  voice by Peter Cullen 
Lockdown        voice by Mark Ryan 
Drift                  voice by Ken Watanabe

Some of the famous main actors like: Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
                                                        Nicola Peltz       as Tessa Yeager 
                                                        Jack Reynor      as Shane Dyson
                                                        Bingbing Li        as Su Yueming


There have a contest to join and you could win 5 x exclusive assembled "Transformers: Age of Extinction" Deluxe Voyager. (You may enlarge the picture to view the steps)


The organizer *Darlie* are so kind that provide the nice and valuable goodies bags to all the invited guest.





Yeah, I got to bring back the lovely goodies stuff, the beautiful toothbrush, quality and famous *Darlie* toothpaste and also the new product *Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect .
I will try to write the review for this  " *Darlie* Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect " and " Darlie ExPERT FRESH toothpaste " after this.

*Big Thank you* to the kind and generous *Darlie* for the exclusive invitation to watch this Awesome movie together and also giving us the super value goodies, really appreciate all of this and looking forward more...more and more... great events or party from you in the future ! (^_^)V  



  1. transformers! i am in transformers fever now :P

  2. well, i do enjoy the transformer movie too~