Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Great Shopping Place in Town ~ * Klang Parade *

* Klang Parade * is a shopping mall located within the Klang area. Its major attraction is its anchor tenant, Parkson departmental store.

* Klang Parade *, an iconic landmark in the royal town, is set to open its doors with a brand new look and revised tenant mix come December this year.  

Prior to the mall’s re-opening, Klang Parade’s leasing team signed on key anchor and mini-anchor tenants from notable retail and entertainment industries, this will go on to form key attractions in * Klang Parade’s distinct retail and entertainment zones.
These include GSC Cinemas, Kamdar, Parkson, Econsave, Voir Gallery, Ampang Superbowl, Circus Circus, Digital World, SenQ Digital World, Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant, Next Hip Hop Arena and Next Food Avenue. Confirmation of these tenants has pushed the occupancy rate close to 80%, with more expected to come sign up within the month.

We come to this entrance of " Hip Hop Arena " located at the back area of first floor in Klang Parade .
where it's look like retail shops come in compact sizes with products ranging from clothings, bags, snacks, optical items, accessories etc. To me it felt like a mini shopping street although some would say it's more like GM Klang.

Game 1 Mix & Match: Our first game challenge was held inside " Hip Hop Arena " here.
Everyone need to choose one envelope and will get the image randomly, our job now is go to find the outfit around " Hip Hop Arena " here to match exactly the same like what the model wear in the picture that we picked.  

This is my outfit image and I need to find the cloth and dress up like the same as the model in the picture in order to win in this game. 

This is all the participant final dress up. Guess who will win the BEST MATCHING.

Judges times... Unexpectedly I have win it and also walk away with the dress that I choose in the Game. I'm so happy......  (^.^)V

Finished the Game 1 and we all have take a group photo.

Games 2 Seep Eating: Three person who able to finish the sushi within the given time will win the sushi voucher.

This game allow you to show your great technique and hand speed in order to eat those foods quickly to win the contest.

 We having our sushi eating game at famous Japanese restaurant " DonKaiten " . 

Ready and go. Eat faster as you can !!!  >0........0< haha

Thank you " DonKaiten " prepare so many fresh and delicious sushi for us in the Game 2.
All the Sushi foods was so fresh and tasty.

They are the top three fast eater that has won the " DonKaiten " food voucher prize.

After that games, we are being invited to do our mask at the clear and cozy beauty shop ~ " Beauty Land ".  

" Beauty Land " have selling variety of cosmetic, skincare and masks product that imported brand from Korea and also Taiwan.

Our partner will need to help us putting the mask on our face. 
See everyone was enjoyed doing the masks.

Happy masking moment with other blogger friend.

We are testing other free sample.
They are nice shade colors of lipstick.

Last Game: The most excited game that I never play before.
I always saw many this kind of " Trolley shopping " game at TV and now we all need to play this game in real in order to win the great voucher prizes. Sound interesting right ! ^_^ 

We have 18 people so two person group it to one group and total have 9 groups in this game.

We are require to shop inside * Econsave *, and need to search for the 10 selected item that list down in a piece of paper that given by the organizer to all the participant, the total of bill which is most closer to RM100.00 will win the First prize, 2nd prize ...

Everyone was busy searching around the 10 selected items according to the list given at * Econsave *.

The first group, their total bill was RM 96.09... 
We try check for others participant's bill, let's scroll down and see :P
Second group finish their searching items and she get the total bill was RM 90.98...

This group thy get RM 96.69 so nearer the RM100 amount ...

She get RM 96.28...

This group they get RM 96.04...

Caroline and her BF got the figure is RM 95.90

And now is my turn to count my bill with all the items that I took...

Deng deng deng... my total bill comes up is " RM 98.19...

Yes!!! we get the nearer amount among others, that mean my group has winning in this game 3...
I'm so so so..... happiessssss because have won the first prize in this game, really Thank you to the boss and all of you (^_^)V

Prize given ceremony, we received our cash voucher prize ^_^

2nd prize winner will be Melody and her partner...

3rd prize winner will be Michelle group...
Congratulation to all the above winners too...

We have a Joyful, fun and wonderful day with all the bloggers at * Klang Parade *, Big Thank you to * Klang Parade * organize such a great walk trough event and also arrange so many excited games for us to participate and also appreciate all the freebies, great sushi foods and the cash voucher, it is really awesome event that I never join before.

Looking forward more and more your grand outlet opening in future.

Last but not lease to Wish * Klang Parade * customer increase from day to day and your good business growth and widen to oversea soon in the future, Thank you for extend the exclusive invitation to me... ^.^ 

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