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* ToRiDoKi 鶏鬨 * ~ Japanese Chicken Dishes

Hi Hi... my lovely friends, I have found a good Japanese restaurant recently and this Japanese restaurant was special and a bit different from others Japanese cuisine.

Why I said it's different and special? Because it's signature menu mostly come from Chicken dishes.
Perhaps can satisfy those Chicken lover that wanted to try some special taste of Chicken dishes.

Let's me have some simple introduction about this restaurant.

This restaurant called * TORIDOKI 鶏鬨 * ~ Specializing in Chicken Dishes and the YAKITORI from Tokyo.

Their main restaurant was at Tokyo and now they make it to open their 1st overseas branch at Malaysia KL here, such a good news to all Japanese foods and also Chicken foods lover.

* TORIDOKI 鶏鬨 * is a Japanese restaurant specialized in "Yakitori". "Yakitori" are grilled chicken skewers made from bite sized pieces of meat from all different parts of chickens, such as chicken breast, thigh, skin, liver and other innards. their purpose is to serve real Japanese Yakitori and make Yakitori popular in KL. They care about the fine details to keep an authentic Japanese quality. They use only chickens their Japanese chef has selected to prepare Yakitori day by day in order to serve the same taste as in Japan.
When you come into their restaurant, you will feel you are in Japan. Their staff will kindly welcome you. They want you to enjoy the same quality and atmosphere as in Japan.

When we reached the restaurant, we are welcome by the Friendly boss " KoTa " is his name, and he bring us to a comfortable seating place.

Feeling happy to share some of their delicious menu to all of my friends here ...

Potato Salad ~ *

This potato mashes mix with few picked vegetable on top, make it look nice and special.
A flavorful, delicious mashed potatoes as tasty appetizer to start our dinner.   
There have few more choices for their appetizer which differ from each day.

Nagaimo Garlic Butter ~ RM 12.00

Nagaimo is from Japanese mountain yam. It's soft white yam fried with garlic and butter make it smell good.
I feel it a bit stiff when bit it for the first and become firm when try the following piece of yam, this is tasty and nice for those garlic food lover.  

Konsai Salad (Root vegetable salad) ~ RM18.00

Konsai Salad consist few type root vegetables which comes with rows of mayonnaise sauce. 
Also, they will put some parmesan cheese onto the vegetables and that's was totally maximum Konsai Salad flavor without event realizing it... 
All the ingredients are just right, as well as parmesan shavings.
A tasty salad, worth me to finish it within just few second...

Teba Age ~ RM10.00

Teba Age is Deep Fried Chicken wings that mix with sweet and spicy source. The
wings are fried to perfection with their own making sauce. 
It's taste unlikely other Chicken wings because of it special honey sauce that the
sweetness was just nice and also it's crunchy texture skin make you nonstop to eat
after first bite.   
Let's try this and I bet you will fall in love with it good taste ^_^

ried these wings and fell in love
 texture of the wings
I tried these wings and fell in love
The texture of the wings
Sunagimo Ahijyo ~ RM18.00

This was cooked with chicken gizzard and 8 kinds of vegetables served in hot plate
with French loaf. 
I have taste some of this since I seldom eat gizzard, however the taste was good because of it's freshness veges and also eat together with the garlic bread.
Tori Maruyaki ~ RM 45 (Roasted whole chicken)

This is their famous dish with quality chicken are more delicious...
As their chicken was picked by their own chef itself and cooked with standard temperature also yielded brown, crisp skin that blend well with their own seasoning.
The Chicken turned out well, nice and juicy, and the flavors were good.

This roasted whole chicekn, delicious on its won, is also great dipping with three types of sauces that according to your preference.
I can said It is super delicious ! ^_^   
The chicken turned out well, nice and juicy, and the flavors were good.
It turned out tender and juicy...delicioso :-
Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese Omelette) ~ * (refer website)

Unlikely those omelette that you have in other Japanese restaurant, this is make out of the cooking skills which have cooked it with butter and also maintain the soften of the eggs and still fresh and hot to eat when it deliver to your table.

ToriDoki ~ RM 8.00

This is their most famous dishes " Toridoki " which consist of two type of chicken meats, chicken thigh and breast wrapped in skin.
These boneless, skinless chicken combination can't be beat, feeling so juicy, moist and tender. 

Negima ~ * (refer website)

This is another popular dish " Negima " which chiceken thigh and Japanese leek wrapped in between vegetable.
Taste a bit same like our local satay fall for it's salty grilled flavor and chewing texture.

Tsukune ~ RM 11.00

I love this Tsukune flavour. The minced meat is so tasty and grilled with right temperature, make it more juicy, tender and ideal chicken Tsukune for all.
The minced meant large enough to look hefty, but so light and tender to bite could slide through it with no resistance.

Houjicha Pudding ~ * (refer website)

This is one of the favorite desert at * TORIDOKI 鶏鬨 *.
I have finished it in just few seconds. Love it smooth texture and taste well when mix with dark brown sugar.

Love the atmosphere. We were seated in a nice Japanese style with tatami cushion dining place and were greeted promptly by our server, The friendly restaurant owner " Kota " has explained the specials of the day. All of his suggestions were excellent. We love the popular dishes that he brought to our table and also the whole roasted chicken are to die for!

All our dishes, was hot and delicious! The staff serving our tables is good, keep came to refill our drinks and change the plate for us.
Overall Good Job, Good service and Good food!

More details about their special menu, click here :

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