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XIXILI ~ Breast Cancer Awareness campaign

Hi friends, how's your weekend? Perhaps that you all also have see many of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, events, activities or marathon on October month.
Do you have join some of these meaningful events/activities? 

October month is also celebrated globally as the Breast Cancer Awareness.
From October 1 to October 31, there have many Breast Cancer Awareness activities/events work to increase awareness and knowledge about the disease to the Public.

Why breast cancer awareness is such an important cause to so many people around the globe? Checking the staggering breast cancer statistics will help you to find a perfect answer to this question.
Numbers presented by the American Cancer Society suggest that at least one woman in the US gets diagnosed with this form of cancer every two minutes. This includes patients in every stage of the disease, from stage 0 breast cancer (according to some doctors, at this stage the disease shouldn’t be categorized as cancer) to invasive breast cancer, the disease’s deadliest form.

Do you know 1 in 20 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, around 3500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. About tow-third of them are between 45 to 69 years old. Around 14% of breast cancer cases in Malaysia occur in women below 40 years old.

Early detection can save your life. Do your breast self-examination every month and go for your mammogram screening.

There is life beyond breast cancer. Breast cancer not a death sentence.  Many survivors live life fuller after they have battled the breast cancer disease.

I wish to spread this great positive energy campaign to all my friends and reader here.
As I'm feel great to get the invite from XIXILI to join as " Pink Supporter " to support all these strong breast cancer survivors. 

The signature pink ribbon was created by XIXILI and collaborates with a great team of retailers from the beauty (Shu Uemura) , hair (Number 76), fashion (Mag Lifestyle) , fitness (Celebrity Fitness) and F&B industries (Juice Works and Quiznos) to bring together a holistic, lifestyle-driven event to promote breast cancer awareness and fun draise for their NGO partner, BCWA

I'm feel graceful to joined this meaningful event on last weekend and wanted to share some of the nice photos to my readers and friends here.

The event kick started with a welcome speech by XIXILI’s senior manager Josephine Leong and a short introduction of the cause.

Well, I'm not manage to take photo with Josephine and I think we will have other chance to meet up next time since she know I'm XIXILI fans sure will invite me again (^_^)V

The activities was kick start by " Pink Power Juice Demo " that prepared the juices and food sampling by Juice Works and Quiznos respectively.

This to tell the Public that " eating a variety of foods promotes good health and can help reduce the risk of disease. "

Pink Ribbon Art Visual Displays by renowned Artist Louise Low and Saito College.
Love the glass ribbon that look so impressive !

This is Booth setting up by Mag Lifestyle which you can design/DIY your own PINK Tee here...
I love this ideas very much which we able to design our lovely shirt and you can also donate some fund to the society for purchase the T-shirt here...

Another great activities was the charity dry hair cuts by Number 76, you just need to pay for RM10 and get a nice hair cut from their expert hairstylist. 

Beauty Makeover sponsor by Shu Uemura, use their good makeup skills to transform your normal look to become beautiful and confidence.

I have done my makeover from Shu Uemura, make me look natural and shiny ^_^

We feel energetic when see the dance performance by Celebrity Fitness. This to encourage people do more exercise to have healthy lifestyle.

Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn.  

From boosting your mood to improving your lifestyle, find out how exercise can improve your life at Celebrity Fitness.

You can write your encourage wishes to the breast cancer survivors at XIXILISupports Pink’ Pledging. We have do it here and wish all the breast cancer survivors stay strong with positive mind thinking.

Took photo with our lovely T-shirt that sponsor by Mag Lifestyle. Love the creative art work design ^_^
A meaningful speech presentation by Dr Azlina Firzah Abdul Aziz (Breast Care and Surgeon at Pantai Hospital) , sharing survivors moments by PRIDE.

Dr Azlina Firzah Abdul Aziz shared her thoughts and experiences on treating patients with breast cancer. She said, “Breast self-examination doesn’t take much time or effort but early detection and prompt treatment of the disease can save lives”.

She add on, Breast cancer doesn't mean to death, it's still have way to cure it, it can be cured if detected in early stage.

Breast health consultations & Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) by BCWA Team


Let's welcome the six beautiful breast cancer survivor that invited from Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA).

Look they are so beautiful with happy smiling and positive spirit, worth us to give them a big applause and support. 

We are  " Pink Supporter " to support this meaningful "  XIXILI ~ Breast Cancer Awareness campaign ".

The original goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month aim to raising awareness of mammograms screening and also the important for Breast Self-Examination (BSE) to the public.
Every year, XIXILI has promotes breast cancer awareness through education and a consistent reminder for women of all ages to practice their monthly Breast Self-Examination (BSE). 

BSE can be performed at home on a monthly basis. For more information on (BSE), check out here or Breast Cancer Welfare Association website.

Here our funnily photos... cute right? :P

We have a lot fun activities in "  XIXILI ~ Breast Cancer Awareness campaign " and has ended this event with their Photo Booth selfies session. 

We shall love our life and enjoy our life fullest, wish all of you also live your life happily yah ... (Give you all a big big * Hug * ) ^_^

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